How to take care of your body

1 Take care of the body

How to take care of your body – “ContentsI take care of my body2 methods of body careTaking care of the bodyMost women believe that care and attention to the face is more important than taking care of the rest of the body; Since it is the apparent part in front of people, it is possible that any area of skin in the body can be dehydrated, due to neglect and lack of hydration, and therefore care must be provided to the body as a whole and works to protect it from external influences, and not just focus on a specific area, and we will learn to that through this, the article is about healthy and natural methods of body care.Methods of body careCarecone CareAttached to the body is one of the most used and exposed parts of the body. First lightly, then moisturize it as a routine part of body care, and the natural lemon recipe can be applied by rubbing the elbows with a lemon peel with a fine for a minute or two, then massage it with a cloth moistened with warm water.pedicureThe skin of the sacral is the driest among the body organs, because the feet do not contain oil glands, and so the sweat glands are used to get the necessary moisture, and although the nature of the feet is dry, It can be damaged in a bad way due t

2 Methods of body care

o the dryness of the weather and shower with hot water, so this leads to crack them and feel itchy, and for the feet and increase their softness, mix half a cup of curd With half a teaspoon of vinegar to massage the feet and leave for a quarter of an hour, then rinse the feet with warm water.HandcuffsSince the hands are exposed constantly, and their continuous use to perform many daily tasks and wash them with hot water again and again, the skin of the hands very thin is the first body to which the signs of aging appear and miss Interest in them weakens the fat layer Moisturize the hands continuously.Eye careAnnaba must be with the eyes and the area around them to avoid swelling and the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent their appearance as if they were exhausted, as it is possible to put two pieces of cotton soaked with rose water on the eyes for 20 minutes, lying on the back and relaxing.Annaba with the skinIt is very important to take care of the skin of the body as a whole by moisturizing it daily and applying natural mixtures twice a week, and from this mixture that can apply the mixture of papaya, where five tablespoons of olive oil are mixed with 50 grams of papaya puree an

d put the mixture on the skin for 15 careHair is an important part of the body of the body and one of the things that affect the aesthetics of the face, and for this, you must be careful to take care of it using appropriate preparations and not expose it to high temperatures, and the use of milk as a natural conditioner helps to increase the softness of the hair and improve its texture, applying cold milk on the hair and leaving it for half an hour before washing it with soap, in addition to the need to get rid of dandruff and keep the scalp clean.Was the article useful?

How to take care of your body

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