How to take care of your nails

1 continuous hygiene

How to take care of your nails – ” Contents1 continuous hygiene2 wearing gloves3 diet care4 tips for maintaining nails5 referencesContinuous hygieneYou should pay attention to the cleanliness of the nails and its surroundings, and make sure to clean them from dirt, as Dr. Ava Shamban, who (the author of the healing of the skin) recommends the nails and skin to hand by applying soap on a toothbrush, and then clean it gently, because this method helps to remove dirt and peel off any dead leather without the need for aggressive cleaning tools, chemical drying tools or any other expensive tools, [1] in other words, the nails should remain clean and dry, and therefore bacteria will not be able to grow under the nails. [2]Wear glovesThe constant exposure to water works to sip the nails, so rubber gloves lined with cotton should be worn when performing work that requires the use of water cleaners and chemicals, [2] where Dr. Prestsky recommends wearing plastic gloves, or rubber, vinyl, or nitril, and it is also preferable to him is cotton, because the cleaning of dishes with hot water and soap has a weakening of the nails, and dirt is deposited under the nails, and it is necessary to pay attention to wearing gloves when

2 wearing gloves

the weather is cold and the wind is strong, because the wind causes dryness and peeling. [1]Care of the dietThe nails are characterized by containing a protein called keratin, which gives them shine and brilliance, and the beauty of the nails can be preserved by diversification in the diet, and it is therefore advisable to take vitamins and nutritional supplements such as biotin (biotin) , vitamin, fish oil, and from this point of view recommends to Dr. Palmer is the need to eat foods rich in protein, such as: beans, fish and nuts, and experts unanimously agree that the combination of these foods strengthens the nails and makes them Shinier, [1] the person can consult a doctor regarding the dietary supplement and perform tests that show how much the nails need this supplement, because of its importance in promoting the growth of weak or brittle nails. [2]Tips for maintaining nailsIt is recommended to maintain the health and beauty of the nails through the following followers: [3]A moisturizing application of the nails, and it is possible to use creams of urea, phosphorus or brown acid, as all these components prevent the breakage of the nails.Reduce the use of acetone or formaldehy

3 Diet care

de nail exterior.Women who use artificial nails are advised to constantly check the nails for green coloring, as the appearance of green color indicates bacterial infection.Avoid cutting the nails on the skin layer.Visit the dermatologist regularly to maintain healthy nails by performing special checks.Avoid biting the nails, because it usually belongs to most individuals, and it occurs as a result of stress, boredom or frustration, and this bad habit leads to exfoliation of the skin and infection by many infections, and therefore It is necessary to stay away from it. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 tips to maintain nails

How to take care of your nails

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