How to tighten hands

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How to tighten hands – ” Contents1 treatment, two hands2 natural recipes for the flapCare, two handsMany women neglect to take care of her hands compared to their interest in her skin and hair, although the hands are an important part that a woman must pay special attention, because they can show that flabby to show; As a result of age or other reasons, there are many methods and exercises that greatly help to tighten the hands and get rid of annoying flabs that cause anxiety and tension in women. In this article, we will talk about the most important ways to tighten both hands.Natural recipes to tighten the handsEgg white and honeyWhere the egg white can be mixed with a teaspoon of natural honey, then spread the mixture on the hands, leave for ten minutes, then wash it with warm water and recite it is preferred three times a week regularly.Banana and milkWhere a ripe banana kernel is mashed and mixed with three tablespoons of dried milk, then distribute the mixture to the places with advantage in the hands, leave them for a quarter of an hour, then wash it with warm water, and the recipe is repeated Three times a week to achieve effective results.Ginger and apple vinegarWhere to mix three teaspoons of g

2 Natural Recipes for Flap

rated ginger in a bowl, then add a cup of water, then put the fire to boil until the amount of a quarter of a cup remains, then leave until it cools and strained, then add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a spoon of rose water, and one tablespoon of almond oil and three tablespoons of glyceride cream, then mix the ingredients until a thick mixture is formed, and it is used daily by applying the hands with the mixture with a focus On the places affected by the flaccid circular motions, it is removed after two hours with warm water and repeated daily.Mashed potatoes and milkWhere the potatoes are well underway all areas of the body.Olive oil and alumWhen equal ingredients are placed ground alum and olive oil, with a little water to form a soft creamy mixture, then distributed on the flabby places, and massage until the skin is completely absorbed, and the recipe is preferred daily until the sacrifice is permanently eliminated.Useful butterWhere to mix three tablespoons of salted butter with a teaspoon of honey, then add a tablespoon of concentrated herbs, then put the mixture on the hands daily or day after day.Was the article helpful?

How to tighten hands

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