How to treat blackness under the eye

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How to treat blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 black under the eye2 reasons for the appearance of darkness under the eye3 Treating darkness under the eye4 referencesDarkness under the eyeMany people suffer from dark circles under the eye, which causes them inconvenience and affects the outward appearance, and there are many reasons for the appearance of blackness under the eye such as fatigue and lack of adequate rest, and there are many ways to treat this problem and reduce its effects to a large extent. [1]Reasons for the appearance of darkness under the eyeAmong these reasons: [2]Allergy: the black circles around the eye can appear as a result of allergies to milk containing certain antibiotics left over after the treatment of cows, and the effects of pesticides on vegetables and fruits.Infection by disease: Some diseases such as kidney disease, shortness of breath and fever can cause the appearance of dark circles around the eye.Cosmetics: some cosmetics contain ingredients that can damage the skin; because it closes the pores, prevents the skin from breathing and causes the appearance of dark circles around the eye.Menstrual cycle: some women suffer before the date of the monthly cycle of flatulence and the app

2 Reasons for the appearance of blackness under the eye

earance of dark circles, in which case green tea and herbs can help get rid of the liquids inside the body, and the amount of salt in the food should not be increased and reduce carbohydrates to reduce the retention of liquids at some point before the menstrual cycle.Genetic reasons: Some families suffer from the appearance of dark circles in a genetic way, and there are probably no radical solutions to this problem, and most preparations that solve this problem do not provide a radical solution to this problem.Vascular enlargement: the blacks appear under the eye due to enlarged vessels, and to avoid this problem, sleep can be on a slightly elevated pillow to prevent blood from gathering in the blood vessels surrounding the eye, and it is best to put cold compresses on the eyes in the morning to relieve the dark circles.Rhinitis congestion and allergies: rhinoplasty congestion causes the blood vessels to stretch under the eye and the appearance of dark circles, and nasal congestion should be addressed to relieve the appearance of dark circles.Treating darkness under the eyeOne of the methods of treating the darkness under the eye:[3]Sleeping for enough hours: not sleeping for hour

3 Treating blackness under the eye

s is one of the most important reasons for the appearance of dark circles and congestion around the eyes, and it is necessary to sleep for a period of at least eight hours to avoid the appearance of dark circles.Use of natural materials: There are many treatments that are used topically on the skin such as cold cucumber, potato juice, mint juice and cold tea bags are used to relieve eye strain.Drink enough water: not eating enough water causes dry vessels, so you should consume an amount of water at least eight cups a day and not eat large amounts of salt.Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol: smoking contains nicotine, which causes weakness and distress of blood vessels and causes premature aging, and drinking alcohol causes congestion of vessels and the appearance of dark circles.Healthy foods: eating healthy foods helps to improve the health of the skin and skin due to the continuous skin vitamins and mineral elements such as iron and folic acid. Examples include fruits, berries, leafy vegetables, unsalted nuts, fish and avoid processed foods that contain preservatives. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to treat blackness under the eye

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