How to treat dry face

1 The skin suffers from many problems, which is

How to treat dry face – ” Contents1 The skin suffers from many problems, which is2 reasons that lead to dry skin3 problems caused by dry skin4 methods of treatment of dry skinThe face is considered one of the most parts of the body that are exposed to the harsh conditions and effects that occur due to the weather conditions and the changing volatility of the atmosphere and many psychological conditions that a person suffers in his life and The reason for this is due to the nature of the facial composition, which is a group of sensitive and small veins that do not bear the strain and exhaustion and various problems that happen to them.The skin suffers from many problems, which isThe appearance of pills on most skin types.The appearance of brown spots on the face, cheeks and forehead.The problem of drying of the face, and this is a phenomenon distributed among all women and girls, young and old.We will now mention the drying of the skin because most women suffer and when we develop the condition.The reasons that lead to dry skinAll skin types suffer from dehydration, but this condition abounds in dry and combination skin.Not using appropriate moisturizers for the skin and sufficient that help the balance of

2 reasons that lead to dry skin

Balara.Not eating adequate liquids for the body that reflects the freshness of the face.Bad diets that most women resort to in order to reach the ideal weight quickly.Lack of fatty secretions that the body gains, especially the face.The use of soap that will lose the moisture of the face and the natural fats that it secretes to maintain moisture.One of the problems caused by dry skinThe appearance of white spots on the face in a circular and spread to the face.The appearance of white scales on the forehead and nose area.Exposure to some skin and rapid irritation of any light effect.The inability of this skin to apply any type of foundation and to do because of the poor quality of the skin that prevents the distribution of facial foundation.Feeling of embarrassment and introverted for the inability to treat when the condition is agreed.Ways to treat dry skinEat adequate amounts of fluids and water about half a day.Using appropriate moisturizers that contain vitamins, especially vitamin C.Use moisturizers that contain a high percentage of fat.Using soaked chamomile as a sky after soaking it in warm water, then let it adapt to body heat, then put it on the face for fifteen minutes, a

3 of the problems caused by dry skin

fter that rinse the face with cold water.Avoid sunlight and not exposure for long periods, so that the skin does not lose moisture.Avoid harsh diets that negatively affect the skin.Was the article useful?

4 methods for treating dry skin

How to treat dry face

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