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How to treat dry face – ” Contents1 dry face2 methods of treating dry face3 factors affecting dry face4 causes of dry face5 tips for dry face treatment6 referencesDrynessDry face is not a serious problem that should be worried, and fortunately, most cases of dry skin occur due to the body’s exposure to certain environmental factors that the skin can not withstand, such as direct exposure to cold atmosphere, Or its frequent exposure to hot water and dry skin can be treated at home, but there are cases in which you should go to the doctor. In this article, we will mention the natural treatment methods, as we will explain those cases that require medical treatment. [1]Ways to treat dry faceDry face treatment in a natural wayAloe vera gel: aloe vera gel has the ability to moisturize dry skin in an excellent way, and it also contains many properties capable of treating many skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. And its method is: [2]Ingredients: aloe vera leaf.How to prepare:The aloe vera leaf is cut and the existing gel is extracted.The aloe vera is placed on the face and massaged well until the skin absorbs it.The gel is left on the face overnight and washed

2 methods for treating dry face

off the next morning.This recipe is repeated daily before going to sleep.Note: Aloe vera is kept in a bowl that prevents air from entering and stored in a cool place.Vaseline: Vaseline helps to treat dry face; Thanks to its ability to moisturize the skin very effectively and prevents water loss from the skin. And its method is: [2]Ingredients: a small amount of petroleum jelly.How to prepare:Vaseline is placed on the face and rubbed it well.Vaseline is left overnight or a full hour.Wipe the face of Vaseline.This recipe is repeated once a day.Glycerin: Glycerin is considered one of the best natural moisturizers for the skin; Therefore, it has the ability to treat dehydration in front, and it should be noted that it helps to treat chapped lips. And its method is:[2]ingredients:One teaspoon of glycerin.One tablespoon of rose to prepare:Mix the ingredients well.Place the mixture on the face and leave it on for a few hours.This recipe is repeated once a day; For best results.Signs need medical treatment for dry face problemDry face can occur throughout the year, or by the cold months, or in case of decreasing temperatures, and for this, it can be treated in an easy way, but t

3 factors affecting the dry face

here are signs that indicate that the problem of dry face may be a medical problem that must be consulted to find out its causes and methods of treatment, and the doctor may prescribe some creams such as corticosteroid or oral medications such as immune drugs (English: IMMUNITY modulates); To help treat dry face, these signs that need medical treatment:[3]The problem of dryness in the face continues even after taking care of it.Doubt that there is a cracked skin infection.High body temperature.Doubt that there is a more dangerous skin condition than dehydration.The appearance of pimples or redness on the face, the presence of heat, the appearance of pus on it or the presence of a rash.Factors affecting dry faceThere are many factors affecting dry face, including: [1]Age: The older his age, the greater the risk of dry face problem, especially when he is over forty years old.The place of housing: where a person lives on the possibility of a dry face, when he lives in a dry, cold or low place, he is exposed to a strongly dry skin.The nature of the work: there are works that make a person exposed to water, such as breastfeeding and hairdressing, and this is what makes them vulnerable t

4 causes of dry face

o dry skin.Swimming: repeatedly on several occasions, especially if the water contains chlorine.Causes of dry faceThere are many reasons that lead to a dry face, including:[1]Climate: The person is exposed to dry face in winter. This is due to low temperatures, low humidity.Heating devices: The heat that is emitted by central heating devices, or fire heating, or other means that heats the atmosphere removes moisture, which leads to an increase in the chances of facial infection.Frequent exposure to water: As bathing in water is long periods, or swimming in water that contains a high percentage of chlorine that leads to dry skin, especially if the water is hot, it increases the dryness to the face.Using chemicals: as exposing the face to harsh chemicals in soap, shampoo or any other facial care product, it greatly causes dryness; as these substances strip the skin of natural oils, and thus the moisture inside.Other skin conditions: People with dermatitis such as eczema or psoriasis are more likely to have dry skin.Tips for treating dry faceThere are many tips that can treat dry face, which should be followed well to show the desired result, including:[4]Wash the face with water only

without using harsh detergents; Because it is stripped of the natural oils that the skin produces.Avoid washing the face with hot water; Because it increases the dry face.Facial exfoliation several times a week; This is to remove the dead skin cells that have accumulated on it and made it dry.Moisturize the face in the morning with one of the appropriate types of creams after wiping it with a wet towel with lukewarm water; It protects the moisture during the day against the face from air pollution, dirt, dry, hot air or other environmental factors that lead to dry face.Avoid using facial moisturizers containing alcohol; because it causes dryness.Moisturize the face with deep moisturizing masks once a week.Use air moisturizer at home in the bedroom.Avoid applying makeup or reduce its use; For it contains substances that cause drying of the face or use makeup containing natural materials such as coconut oil, shea butter or almond oil.Avoid sunlight as much as possible.Drink plenty of water; where it hydrates the skin.Eat healthy foods, rich in vitamins and healthy fats such as omega-3 acids found in fish, avocados and nuts.Stop smoking; While it dries the face, makes it pale and old

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How to treat dry face

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