How to treat dry skin

1 How to treat dry skin

How to treat dry skin – ” Contents1 How to treat dry skin2 Other tips for treating dry skin3 referencesHow to treat dry skinscrubIn order to get rid of dry skin, it should be exfoliated with a peeling lotion or a natural scrub such as coffee, sugar and olive oil, to remove the accumulated cells, because dead cells are dry because they are separated from the skin, so it should be removed. [1]Run the right wayIn the case that the shaving blade is used, it should be used in the right way, using a gel or shaving gel; Because using it without these products makes it hard on the skin, so the natural layer of fat on it, and can also cause injury. [1]A mode of sunscreenIt is necessary to adhere to the use of sunscreen when exposed to the sun, because the sun’s ultraviolet rays work to dry the skin, and it is best to cover the head with a hat or scarf, and the whole body is loose and cotton clothes, and do not expose it to the sun. [1]Use a moisturizerTo moisturize the skin, you need to use a moisturizer, and it is best to use creams that contain shea butter, because they deeply moisturize the skin, as well as creams that contain ceramide, or the use of raw shea butter, or a mixture of mixture of natural oils, esp

2 other tips to treat dry skin

ecially coconut oil, the skin absorbs it quickly. [2]]Other tips for treating dry skinThere are many tips and guidelines that can be followed to treat dry skin, and they are as follows: [3]Taking a hot bath for a short period of less than ten minutes, heat works to remove the natural fats of the skin that hydration, and it should be taken into account that the hot bath or steam will not solve the problem But the exacerrera, so it is not necessary to resort to such solutions to treat dry skin.Dry the skin with a soft cotton towel, by light pressure, not to rub.The use of simple soaps, because the aromatic soap is hard on the skin, and it is recommended to use soap containing ceramide, because it is a good fatty substance for dry skin, and compensates for the moisture that the skin loses with age.The lips should be continuously moistened in the cold atmosphere, using different moisturizers for the lips, knowing that petroleum jelly is the best.Make a mask of avocado and honey and apply it to the skin, for a quarter of an hour, then wash with cold water.Drink large quantities of water and other liquids, especially milk and fresh fruit juice to provide internal hydration for the skin.M

oisturizing the house in winter, run the heaters of all kinds steals moisture from the air, and so the air becomes dry, and in turn removes moisture from the skin, so it is advisable to apply a flat bowl that contains water to heating openings.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to treat dry skin

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