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How to treat facial skin – ” Contents1 Skin problems2 How to treat facial skin problems3 How to deal with skin problems4 referencesSkin problemsThe skin is the largest organ of the human body, and its importance lies in separating the inner part of the body from the outer world, thus protecting it from bacteria and viruses, and regulating body temperature. But many people suffer from facial skin problems, which causes inconvenience and anxiety for many of them, and among these problems, acne, oily skin, rashes, moles and causes conditions that irritate, or pores of the skin symptoms such as redness, swelling, burning and itching. There are several factors that cause skin diseases such as allergies, preparations, sunlight, cosmetics, some internal diseases, immune system problems, dermatitis, cereals and other skin diseases, and in this article, we will talk about the best ways to treat facial skin problems. [1]How to treat facial skin problemsTreating the problem of acneThe problem of acne is considered one of the most common skin problems, as 80% of people appear at some point in their lives, and acne is formed when the pores of the skin connected to the fatty glands are closed with the skin with an opaque,

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or skin oil, and you can not access the surface and accumulate inside, pimples develop and early acne treatment is the best way to avoid scarring later, [1], pimple tampering should be avoided; Because this leads to the spread of infection and leave scars, so it is advisable to use acne treatment products that come as preparations, creams or gel, and follow the instructions to use them carefully, but if the pimples are large and inflamed, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist, and the acne treatment takes eight weeks at most. [2] The treatment of acne depends on its depth and spread, and the management of the skin is generally considered the most important step in the treatment of acne and for moderate acne is possible to use products without a prescription, and there are several effective substances that the products may contain, including: [3]Salicylic acid.Benzoyl peroxide.Alpha hydroxy acids.Adapalene.Tea tree oil.Note: It is recommended to apply sunscreen after using any of these products in the morning; it increases skin sensitivity.Treating a reckless problemThe rash appears as red itchy areas on the skin, and its appearance is considered to some things are exposed t

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o the appearance of the rash more than others, and it is prepared that the rash is common, and it usually does not require medical intervention, but rather goes on its own, but it may need medical help if there is a serious condition. [1]Treating the problemMoles occur when cells called pigment cells grow with the surrounding tissues, forming a single mass together that appears on the skin, and the number of natural moles varies between 10 to 40 moles distributed throughout the body in most people, and new moles may continue from time to time until the age of forty or change their color. [1]How to deal with skin problemsKnow your skin typeThe right skin care routine starts with knowing its type, then learn the best ways to take care of it, and there are several types of skin, including:[2]Dry skin: dry, scaly, rough.Oily skin: it is shiny, oil and has large pores.Mixed skin: It looks dry in some areas such as the cheeks and oily in other areas, especially in the forehead, nose and chin.Sensitive skin: the skin looks red, and it feels itchy and burns after using cosmetics, or other products on sensitive skin.Daily skin care routineWhatever the type of skin, the daily routine to take

care of can maintain its overall health, and treat specific problems such as acne, scars and dark spots, and the daily skin care routine should contain four basic steps that can be taken In the morning once, and once before bedtime, and the method is: [3]Washing the face: the face should be washed twice a day, not more or once if the skin is dry, and it is best to choose a lotion that does not leave the skin tight after using it, and it is advisable to avoid washing the skin to the point of feeling hygienic; Because this means that the skin has been stripped of natural oils.Use of serum: it is recommended to use a serum containing vitamin C, and it is best to put it in the morning when the skin is exposed to the sun, while at night it is possible to use a serum that contains retinol.Moisturizer: All skin types need moisturizing even oily skin, but it is best to use a light moisturizer composed mainly of a uniform that does not cause the skin pores and dry skin benefits of rich moisturizers that contain a cream, and most brands are determined whether the product is a generation or cream on its packages.Sunscreen: it is best to believe that dark people do not need to apply sunscreen

, but in reality, black skin must protect themselves from sunlight more than others; Because the treatment of excessive attention is very difficult. It is recommended to use a sunscreen containing at least 30 workers of SPF protection and to be placed before going outside around four o’clock; Because it needs time to become effective.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to treat facial skin

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