How to treat my skin from dehydration

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How to treat my skin from dehydration – ” Contents1 dehydration2 causes of dry skin3 tips to avoid skin exfoliation4 dry skinDrynessDehydration is one of the problems of the skin, which makes it peel off and appears in an unpopular appearance and texture insmentible, and causes a feeling of discomfort and perhaps burning in severe cases, and the girl is faced with a problem in the application of makeup, so the foundation chips appear as a peeling on the face, making the skin of the skin with a worse look rather than improve it and hide its defects.Causes of dry skinDisorders in the action of the thyroid gland, or sebaceous glands, which are responsible for moisturizing the skin or diabetes.Certain types of medications such as allergy medications, urine medications and acne treatment.Bathing with warm water, as it removes the fatty layer on the skin, reduces its water content.Using an alkaline rheumatic or chemical products such as detergents.Exposure to the sun for long periods.Age.Changes in air such as severe cold or heat.Diabetes causes dry skin.Tips to avoid skin exfoliationBathe with warm, not hot water and reduce the duration of the shower to no more than ten minutes.Dry the skin well after bathing or washing the f

2 causes of dry skin

ace.Use sunscreen when you leave the house.Exercise to stimulate blood circulation, allowing more nourishment and moisture to the skin.Treat dry skinUse moisturizing skin masks and examples:Banana and honey: mash half a banana, add a tablespoon of honey, then apply the mixture to your skin for fifteen minutes.Avocado: crush half an avocado and apply it to your skin for fifteen minutes. Honey or olive oil can also be added.Eggs: Whisk an egg and add a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of rose water, then apply the mixture to your skin.Yeast: Melt a tablespoon of yeast with warm water, with a little sugar or honey, then apply it to your skin for a period of three hours.Oils: Apply one of the types of oils to your skin, such as olive oil, castor oil, sesame oil, almond oil or coconut oil. The oils penetrate the skin and moisturize it deeply, and coconut oil is characterized by the speed of absorbing the skin for it, in addition to its good smell.Cool milk: soak a cotton ball with cold milk and distribute it to your skin until it dries.Shea butter: Grease a little shea butter on your skin after bathing as a moisturizer for the skin, as it deepens it and prevents its dryness.Vase

3 tips to avoid exfoliation of the skin

line: Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your skin for half an hour, as it is a wonderful moisturizer for the skin, but do not be exposed to the sun before washing it well with lotion, and it has no effect on your skin So that it does not make you burn.Was the article useful?

4 dry skin

How to treat my skin from dehydration

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