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How to trim nails – “Contents1 Nail trim2 How to cut nails3 Nail care4 referencescutting nailsNails need daily care, and this does not mean that it is enough to be satisfied, but rather to take care of them in general, in addition to their trim, every several weeks, to ensure their growth well, and the article will mention how this. [1] [2]How to cut the nailsThere are ways to cut the nails and maintain their health, and the following points show them: [2]Preparation for pruningThe following methods can be followed to prepare the nails for trimming, including:[2]Wash and soak the nails for several minutes, and then dry them; This is in order to reduce the possibility of cutting it and facilitate the trimming.Choose the appropriate tool to cut the nails, as it is possible to choose a nail mortal that is commonly used, and is characterized by its cheap price, ease of availability and from its negatives, its inadequacy is its size with the size of the size of the desired nails cut, due to its very large, or very small, and bitter bit of the bit, the straight edge is the type used to cut toenails; Indeed Tools when the nails cut, such as blades, knives or regular scissors; This is because it is dangerous

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to the nail and surrounding skin.The purchase of nail trim tools is used only by the person, separating the nail tools, toenails and soaking the tool for 10 minutes in warm water, soap, such as soap wasted or antibacterial soap.Cut the nails in an appropriate place, such as the negatives of the negatives, and make sure to capture the volatile release; To avoid abuse from others.The appropriate time to cut the nailsIt is recommended to cut the nails every week to two weeks, and in the case of the developing nail in the meat, you need to go to the doctor, to get rid of this painful problem. [2]Tasting the nails of the handsCutting the nails is considered an elimination of faded white edges, or lips that grow to its limbs, and it is advisable to preserve their power by pruning them in a straight manner, and is slightly rounded in the corners, while ensuring that the The edges are not cut off in full once, but rather make many small narration. [2]Trim the toenailsIt is recommended to cut the toenails straight, without making the side corners round; Because this can lead to the appearance of the developing nail in the meat, and its length is determined by the end of the edge of the fing

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er; Because the very short nail can grow into the meat due to the wearing of the shoe, and then work to soften the rough edges with the help of sanding board. [3]Nail fileIt is recommended to cool the nails after cutting them to shape it and get rid of the rough edges, which can capture and break the socks, but you need to avoid the formation of TB nails; For ease of breaking it, this is done by using the coarse side of the coolant by making a long movement, starting from side to side in the center, while the less rough side is used to soften the nails, and when the end is informed to Look at the nails and make sure they are in equal length, and use the nail and cold once again until the nails are equal to their shape. [2]ManicureNails need care; Preserve them is healthy and strong, because of the impact on the nails on the outward appearance of consistency and homogeneity, when they are well received, and some ways can be followed, including: [4]Nail monitoring: The problem of the nails is sometimes produced due to environmental factors that surround them, such as the use of chemical cleaning materials or dried materials of the nails, and sometimes they predict health problems tha

t seek to go to the doctor, such as yellowing of the nails with redness in their base and the occurrence of this is related to the disease of diabetes, pale nail, or so-called pale nail beds, has a blood poverty, and bee nails are associated with yellow that grow slowly in the occurrence of lung diseases, and nails that have a pink and another white are linked to kidney disease, and white nails are associated with liver disorders.Use personal nail tools: even when you go to beauty salons to paint the nails and take care of the fingers, taking care not to pierce or nails.Avoid installing nails: or artificial nails, because it hurts them, and the occurrence of bacterial and fungal infection, and the composition can come from the edge of the nail is less harmful, but it is not as safe.Change shampoo or soap: nails can become dehydrated when the shampoo or soap is not appropriate.Avoid excessive hand washing: Hand washing and hand care is essential, but excessive hand washing is harmful, and moisturizer should be placed after hand washing, in addition to avoiding hand exposure to chemical cleaning materials such as laundry fluid.Avoid rough sanding boards: soft cold can be used as a su

bstitute for it, to be used in one direction on the nail and avoid movement and movement towards movement, or movement from fatigue; when it protected the nails from breaking.Avoid acetone to remove nail polish: because it causes omitiveness of the nail.Take dietary biotin supplements: which help to strengthen the nails, and the doctor can be consulted to eat it and its appropriate dose.Moisturizing the nail bed and surrounding skin: it reduces the breakage or peeling of the nails.Avoid strengthening the nail paint: which is considered one of the toxic chemicals and causes brittleness in the nails, except that healthy nails emerge and not hard.Do not alter the skin surrounding the nails: by not cutting it or pushing it back; because it protects the nails from the entry of bacteria and fungi.Eat healthy foods: containing iron, protein and omega-3.Wear gloves: when working, such as cleaning the work and wearing the right shoe to protect the toenails.Trim the nail: to maintain their health.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to trim nails

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