How to unify the color of the face

1 Natural ways to unify the color of the face

How to unify the color of the face – ” Contents1 natural ways to unify the color of the face2 medical methods to even out face color3 referencesNatural ways to even out face colorMilkMilk is one of the useful ways to lighten, soften and unify one’s color; it opens the skin, which reduces pigmentation and dark scars, and this benefits people who suffer from dry skin and peeling. [1]SaltSalt can be used to even out the skin tone, which is natural, anti-bacterial, and prevents skin infections, and it should be mixed with olive oil when used; So that it does not cause dry skin, it can be used by mixing a few teaspoons of salt, with enough olive oil and rubbing the face with the mixture in a pleasant way; This mixture peels off dead cells, evens out the color of the skin and cleanses them. [2]OptionOption can be used to even out the color of the skin; For its maintenance, moisturizing and nutrient properties; It helps repair damaged skin cells, remove the dead ones from them, thus increasing the glow of the skin and uses cucumber by cutting a fresh cucumber into slices, rubbing the face with it, leaving it overnight, then removing it in the morning , wash the face with warm water and repeat this process daily before going

2 medical methods to unify the color of the face

to sleep. [3]Medical methods to even out the color of the faceHydroquinoneHydroquinone is a cream that is used to whiten the skin, reduce the color of dark spots on it and unify the color of the skin, and this cream is applied to the skin twice a day, or as decided by the specialist, and This cream can cause irritation, or its inflammation, a skin care specialist should be consulted if a person notices pain, redness or dryness while using it; To suggest other solutions and treatments. [4]Clinical skin peelingThere are three levels of clinical skin peeling, which are light, medium and deep, which penetrate the skin with a chemical solution, strive to exfoliate the skin, show a new and beautiful skin, and salicylic acids are used in the light peeling, which is done quickly, and peeling at the medium level may require the use of some scores or analgesics, while the deep level requires anesthesia because it uses phenol, in addition to what can be blown away that can be used at home, which contains Small amounts of glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and you should avoid using these shrines when you have sensitive skin, or to use acne treatment products. [4]the reviewerWas the article hel


How to unify the color of the face

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