How to unify the skin tone

1 medical treatments

How to unify the skin tone – ” Contents1 medical treatments2 at-home recipes3 other ways to even out your skin tone4 referencesMedical treatmentsMany medical treatments are available to even out skin tone, including: [1]Laser: intense light laser pulses are used to lighten the color of dark areas of the skin and even out their color.Topical cream: creams that contain hydroquinone or vitamin A are used to even out skin color and reduce dark areas.Chemical exfoliation: salcylic acid and glycolic acid are used to peel the surface layer of the skin and even out its color.Home recipesMany natural home recipes are available to even out skin tone, including:[2]Lemon juice: Lemon contains citric acid useful for brightening the skin and unifying its color, and is used by applying lemon juice regularly, and leaving it on for a while before rinsing it off.Oats: Used by mixing a quantity of oatmeal with a small amount of honey homogeneous to obtain a paste, apply the paste to the skin and leave it for a few minutes, then rub the skin with your fingers, wash and apply sunscreen.Milk: It contains properties that moisturize the skin and give it softness, and it also improves the melanin milk responsible for skin lightening.M

2 home recipes

ask with olive oil, lemon juice and orange peel: Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of orange peel and a cup of lemon juice homogeneous, the mixture is applied to the skin and left for ten minutes, then rubbed with fingers with circular movements, washed the skin with warm water, and it is recommended to repeat the mask every week to get satisfactory results. [3]Other ways to even out the complexionMoisturizing the skin regularly to cleanse it and get rid of dead skin cells, and the process of moisturizing is one of the important steps to help even out the skin color and make it smooth. [4]Use a sunlight regularly to protect the skin from damage and expose it to redness and peel off sunburns. [5]Avoid foods and drinks that lead to skin evenness, such as snacks, alcohol and spicy foods. [5]Use cosmetics that unify the complexion, such as: foundation cream and concealer. [5]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 other ways to unify the skin tone

How to unify the skin tone

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