How to use African shea butter

1 African shea butter

How to use African shea butter – ” Contents1 African shea butter2 How to use African shea butter for skin and hair3 Other uses of African shea butter4 referencesAfrican shea butterAfrican shea butter is one of the products of the African karia tree, which comes in the form of a nut-like fruit, and when opened, a pulp is obtained in the form of a natural cream, and it is called in African countries the nickname for women of gold, and it enters many medical, cosmetic and food industries, African shea butter contains many important and necessary substances of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, because it contains vitamin A, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. [ 1]How to use African shea butter for skin and hairAfrican shea butter is used as follows: [2]It is placed as a moisturizer for the skin and skin in general, especially the skin of the face and hands, and when used regularly, it increases the smoothness of the skin and protects it from the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, such as Rough areas of the skin are softened as elbows and knees, and usually mix with one of the natural oils, and they are in the form of the form of a moisturizing conditioner, and it is applied to the skin before appl

2 How to use African shea butter for skin and hair

ying the sugar scrub on It, where the skin is gently massaged in order to get rid of dead layers of skin, so that the skin becomes soft, fresh and healthy the sun, stretching signs of skin and white lines due to pregnancy and weight gain.It is heated or exposed to heat, and let it cool, and put the hair in the form of a conditioner, and rub the scalp and hair for half an hour, so the shea butter mask is placed on the hair once a week, where the hair is blessed, prevent it, facilitate the unbinding and prevent it from falling out, as it increases its length and nourishing it.Other uses of African shea butterOther uses of shea butter: [3]It is included in the preparation of certain types of food, as an alternative to cocoa butter, as it is included in the manufacture of chocolate, medicines, oils and different types of baked goods, where they are heated, taking care not to expose them to high temperatures, so that they do not lose their creamy body, but are heated by a water bath or steam bath until it melts, put it in a bowl and put the pot in hot water, so that the water does not reach the butter and add directly to the ingredients.It treats the effects of insect bites, as the affe

3 Other uses of African shea butter

cted area of the skin is applied with a thin layer of it, and the muscles can be applied to rid them of pain and tension.It is an excellent shaving paste for men, applying it to the skin before his barber, making it soft and silky, and free of any irritation or sensitivity.Mix with a little wheat germ oil, in addition to any type of favorite creams, provided they are original and of good quality, and a little rose water, mix the ingredients well and apply directly to the skin.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to use African shea butter

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