How to use body lotion

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How to use body lotion – ” Contents1 body lotion2 How to use body lotion3 How to make body lotion at home4 ReferencesBody lotionIt is a cream that remains of an effective fatty substance, which contains nutritious vitamins to the body, as it is considered . [1]Body lotion is one of the most important creams to use, because it is important to moisturize the skin, maintain its grace and protect it from dehydration, and the use of these moisturizers helps delay the appearance of signs of signs of signs of aging and signs of early aging, but we must be careful that there are many brands on the market, where the best, which contain shea butter, cocoa and almond oil, in addition to the jungle, choose the types that Suitable for the type of skin, to get the best pathological results. [2]How to use the body lotionTo get the best results when using the body lotion, it is worth using it correctly, at the right time, and the best times to use it after the bath, where the body is clean and dry, because its pores are open, and this helps By absorbing the cream faster and better, after finishing the shower, Dry your body with a towel in a light, not rubbing, then put a quantity of body lotion cream on the hand and rub y

2 How to use body lotion

our body with, and distribute it to The whole body with a continuous massage, until the whole body is absorbed, then you will notice the difference, where the process is repeated daily after the bath. [2]How to make a body lotion at homeBy following the following: [3]ingredients:Aloe vera gel, which is a perennial plant, is also called aloe vera plant.Oils of your choice, you can use the best oils, including:Coconut oil, it contains lactic acid and lauric acid, which works as an antibacterial, and thus works to protect the skin from harmful germs and fungi, as it works to moisturize the skin, as it contains a percentage of fatty acids that help to maintain The moisture of the skin and protect it from dehydration and cracks.Jojoba oil, it has anti-bacterial properties and effective, as it is used as treatment for young love and allergies in the skin.Lemon oil.Sweet almond oil, because it contains a large percentage of oleic acid and lainic, which helps the softness of the skin.Avocado oil.Clean bowl.Electric mixer.Clean bottle to save cream.Defrauded oils.How to prepare:Place the aloe vera gel in the blender.Add the oils to the aloe vera gel in the blender.Whip the ingredients with

3 How to make a lotion for the body home

the electric blender for 10 minutes, then add some of the scented oils, such as mint, to give the body lotion a fragrant smell.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to use body lotion

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