How to use coconut oil for the skin

1 Use of coconut oil for the skin

How to use coconut oil for the skin – ” Contents1 use of coconut oil for the skin2 recipes for coconut oil with sour3 recipes of coconut oil after shaving4 referencesUsing coconut oil for the skinCoconut oil is known for the many benefits it offers to the skin in terms of moisturizing, increasing its smoothness and removing impurities and grease stuck in its pores, and the use of coconut oil is not limited to one way, but there are many methods and recipes for the skin that depend on coconut oil as an essential and important ingredient, mixing it with another set of ingredients to increase the benefit and benefit of the skin, and what follows is an explanation of some of these recipes. [ 1]Coconut oil recipe with acidThis recipe can be used on all areas of the body to enjoy the skin with a silky and soft texture, as coconut oil moisturizes and softens the skin while the acid works to find a balance in the acidity level of the skin, which prevents its extraction and The emergence of prominent pores on its surface and the recipe as follows: [2]ingredients:Four tablespoons of coconut oil in steel.A few drops with sour juice.How to use:Put both the coconut oil and sour juice in the electric blender and blend on high speed

2 Coconut oil recipe with sour

until the solid oil is mixed and blended with the sour drops to form a soft, light paste.Spread the paste on the skin and leave it on for a few minutes until it dries.It cleanses the skin with water.This recipe can be used for several months without leaving argaspia on the skin.Coconut oil recipe after shavingThis recipe helps to reduce skin irritation after shaving, and men can take advantage of this recipe to avoid the appearance of red pills and skin dirt that appears after the end of shaving, and girls and women who rely on shaving can be code To get rid of excess hair to use the skin and avoid irritation, and the recipe as follows: [3]ingredients:Three tablespoons of coconut oil.Two tablespoons of sweet almond oil.Ten points of the original Khuzami perfume.Four tablespoons of shea butter.How to use:The amount of shea butter is placed in a glass set and leave the package in a steam bath until it melts completely.Add the amount of coconut oil to the melted shea butter and stir in the water bath until you evaporate.The glass case is lifted from the water bath, then add both the amount of sweet almond oil and the ceramic perfume, and move with the mixture until it mixes with it.Le

3 coconut oil recipe after shaving

ave the glass case aside to cool, then place in the refrigerator until the mixture turns from liquid to solid.The steel mixture is removed from the glass case, placed in the electric blender, then beaten at high speed until it turns into a soft cream.The mixture is spread on the skin ten minutes before shaving.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to use coconut oil for the skin

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