How to use Moroccan soap for the face

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How to use Moroccan soap for the face – ” Contents1 Moroccan soap2 How to use Moroccan face soap3 Use Moroccan soap for the body4 referencesMoroccan soapMoroccan soap has gained popularity in its ideal use of body and skin care, when bathing and cleaning the body using the special Moroccan fiber, the body will get rid of many attached toxins and it is advisable to clean the face with Moroccan soap because of its many benefits such as removing dead cells from the face, which opens the pores of the skin and helps to get rid of grease, harmful sediments and blackheads from the face, and the soap is used to get rid of color spots, freckles and melasma spots, open the color of the face, make it a soft texture, eliminates wrinkles and benefits of Moroccan soap when feeding the hair and preventing hair loss and bombing, it also stimulates the body as a result of The increase in blood circulation, eliminates fat and is used to restore and treat cracks, as well as to clear the pores, which facilitates the appearance of microbios inside the skin, and one of the most famous types of Moroccan soap is the liquid with creamy texture available in different structures. [1 1.]]How to use Moroccan face soapMoroccan soap can be used by the

2 How to use Moroccan face soap

following: [2]For a tight and sparkling skin with a strong glow, this soap should be used, as it unites the entire complexion; Due to the removal of all impurities and dead cells, accumulated in the face due to exposure to dust.One of the easiest ways to use Moroccan soap is to use it for the face, where the face is washed daily is repeated daily, and if the skin is dry, it is not recommended to use it daily.The use of Moroccan soap for the bodyMoroccan soap can be used for the body through the following: [3]Through the Moroccan bath, a better result can be obtained, because hot water is placed in the bathtub, and it is better to be a steam dependent bath.By sitting in hot water for the whole body for a period of fifteen minutes, after which Moroccan soap is used, which is a consistent black cream, mixed in a container with lemon juice, and placed on the whole body as well as on the Face, especially on the oily areas of the skin, and leaves ten minutes on the body and if placed on the face, scrubbed and rinsed immediately, and it is repeated again on the face.After placing the soap on the body, rinsed with hot water and rubbed the body with the Moroccan fiber, which is a fiber for

3 Use Moroccan soap for the body

the Moroccan bath, and with a circular motion that rubs the entire body from the neck, chest, abdomen, hands, back and legs, and rub the rough and black areas such as elbows and knees; This helps to stimulate blood circulation of the body.After the shower process, steam and hot water help to clear the pores, and here a clean medical gauze can be brought in to tighten the blackheads on the sides of the nose, chin or face.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to use Moroccan soap for the face

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