How to use Moroccan soap

1 Moroccan soap

How to use Moroccan soap – ” Contents1 Moroccan soap2 The advantages of Moroccan soap3 Preparation of Moroccan soap4 How to use Moroccan soapMoroccan soapMoroccan soap is one of the recipes that Arab women use to increase their beauty, and it has many benefits for health and skin, and this mainly depends on the use of the elements of the soap of the country, and it is widely spread in Sudan, Morocco, And Egypt, and there are special baths for the use of Moroccan soap, in addition to that, it can be used at home without needing to go for specialized baths, and we will learn in this article about Moroccan soap.The advantages of Moroccan soapIt purifies the skin, eliminates dark and black spots.It eliminates melasma on the body and pigmentation.It helps to remove dead cells and toxins from the skin, making it softer.It helps to brighten the complexion and makes it fresher and more beautiful.It is used to treat skin diseases.It helps to peel the skin and remove dead skin.It greatly nourishes the skin as it contains oils rich in useful elements.It contains vitamin E.It helps to reduce itching in the back area, resulting from blocked pores.It helps to reduce hair growth on the body.Excess weight decreases rapidly,

2 The benefits of Moroccan soap

by eliminating excess water from the body.Reduces nervous and digestive fatigue.Reduces wrinkles, helps to delay.It increases the level of efficiency at work.Preparation of the Moroccan soapthe ingredientsOne cup of pure olive oil.Half a cup of rose water.Fresh lemon juice.Finely ground Laurel soap.Water if needed.One cup of bitter almond to prepareWe choose an appropriate bowl and put pure olive oil, bitter almond oil, and mix them well until we get a sticky mixture, then add pure water and rose water gradually, and mix all ingredients.Add the ground bay soap and fresh lemon juice, to the previous mixture, put it in a sealed box, then put it in the refrigerator for a whole day, and it can be used after the passage of the specified time.How to use Moroccan soapHeating the bathroom by hot water steam, putting hot water on the body, rubbing the body with Moroccan soap, and the soap should be sticky, then wash the body after ten minutes to put Moroccan soap, then rub the body in a circular manner From the bottom to the top in the heart of the heart with Moroccan fiber, we note the appearance of dead cells in the body, the body starts with the peeling, then we wash the body wi

3 Moroccan soap preparation

th warm water well and continue properly shower, wash the hair well with shampoo and put the body essential oils until the body acquires the beautiful smell.Was the article useful?

4 How to use Moroccan soap

How to use Moroccan soap

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