How to use shea butter for the face

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How to use shea butter for the face – ” Contents1 Shea butter2 Use raw shea butter for the faceShea butterShea butter is a fatty substance extracted from the African tree, and this fatty substance is considered a natural charm, because it belongs to the skin with wonderful benefits, and has therapeutic properties that can not be counted.Shea butter contains effective elements in the treatment of skin problems such as scars, pigmentation, pimples, roughness and signs of aging, and the most important elements contained in shea butter vitamin E, umine fatty acid hydration and other important elements of the skin.It is important when buying shea butter to ensure that it is original and not repeated or processed, in order to get the greatest possible benefit, and the form of raw shea butter is different from refined shea butter, where its color is Dark Cream, or slanted to yellow, and this is due to the quality of the fruit, the butter has been extracted from it, unlike processed shea butter, which is a bright white and a good smell, not strong and penetrated like the smell of raw shea butter , where some materials are added to shea butter to improve its smell, but this process reduces the percentage of useful materials ava

2 Use raw shea butter for the face

ilable.Use raw shea butter for the faceWomen always strive to achieve a clear and flawless skin, and shea butter is the perfect solution to achieve this goal away from chemical cosmetics, expensive, which comes with many side effects, especially with the duration of use, and there are many ways to use Shea Butter for the face and the best of them:Shea Butter without additionsWe buy a quantity of raw shea butter, after ensuring that they are original and free of all chemical additives, and unprocessed.We wash our skin well with medical soap, massage our face in a circular motion, to get rid of dead skin, then dry our skin with a clean cotton towel.We take some shea butter and rub it with the palm of the hand until it has a creamy consistency.Spread the shea butter all over the face from top to bottom, then I am tested with our fingertips on the area under the eye and around it, to help get rid of dark circles.We repeat this process once every night, and continue for fourteen days until we get great results.We can continue to put the shea butter on the face for as long as we want, as it has no side effects, and helps to fight wrinkles effectively.Note: it is best to keep the butter i

n the refrigerator, to keep more nutrients in it.Shea butter creamIf we have a problem with the smell of shea butter or its oily texture, but we need to get its great benefits, we can prepare a natural shea butter cream at home, and we use it in the same way we use raw shea butter, and to prepare the cream we need the following ingredients:100 g of raw shea butter.A spoonful of wheat germ oil.A tablespoon of argan oil.One tablespoon of olive oil.One tablespoon of sweet almond oil.A spoon of glycerin.A spoonful of rose water.Half a tablespoon of lavender essential oil.One tablespoon of vitamin E.””””the way to prepare””””:We put the shea butter in a plastic bowl and mix it with an electric light until it has a creamy texture.Add the prepared oils, rose water and vitamin and mix again for a minute.We put the mixture in a clean and closed package and keep it in the refrigerator.Was the article useful?

How to use shea butter for the face

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