How to use shea butter to acne

1 shea butter mask to treat acne

How to use shea butter to acne – ” Contents1 shea butter mask to treat acne2 benefits of shea butter for the face3 medical methods to treat acne4 referencesShea butter mask to treat acneShea butter is one of the substances that feed the skin because it contains vitamin A, which moisturizes the skin, eliminates infections, increases collagen production, moisturizes the skin oily jojoba oil. skin and how the mask is:[1]ingredients:88.7 ml jojoba oil.30 ml of shea butter.30 ml of tamano oil.5 drops of rosemary oil.3 drops of to prepare:Shea butter is placed in a double kettle, or in a heat insulating bowl inside a bowl of hot water on the stove; To dissolve it.Add the jojoba oil to the butter and stir the mixture until it dissolves.The bowl is removed from the stove, the tamano oil is added to the previous ingredients and mixed well.Add the essential oils and mix the ingredients well.The mask is used as a moisturizer for the skin twice a day, in the morning after bathing or washing the face, and another before sleeping.The mixture is placed in a covered bowl, stored in a cool place, and kept dark for a few months.Benefits of shea butter for the faceThere are many benefits for shea butter when used for the sk

2 benefits of shea butter for the face

in, including:[2]Anti-inflammatory: shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties, calms the skin, relieves redness and swelling, and helps the concentration of fatty acids, vitamin K, rich in the butter of the leaves, to speed up the recovery process.Skin is hydrated: the moisturizing properties of shea butter make the skin texture smooth and moist, and this moisturizer lasts for several hours unlike other moisturizers whose hydration lasts an hour or less.Anti-aging: combat the effect of environmental toxins on skin cells; for new healthy cells, they support skin tissue and contain vitamin E, which protects the skin from sun damage.Medical methods to treat acneMedical methods are multiple to treat acne, and some of them come: [3]Anti-antibiotic: tetarycline, and orally, which in turn kills bacteria and reduces inflammation.Creams and gels of speech: such as retinoids, which are derived from vitamin A, which in turn prevents the blockage of hair follicles, and makes the skin clear.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 medical methods to treat acne

How to use shea butter to acne

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