How to use the Sudanese dictation

1 Sudanese Duke

How to use the Sudanese dictation – ” Contents1 Sudanese duke1.1 How to prepare the Sudanese domain1.2 How to use the Sudanese dictation1.3 Advantages of Sudanese Dec.The Sudanese dukeThe Sudanese domain is defined as a white or black paste for body care, its origin goes back to Sudan, where Sudanese women use it widely, and then spread to all parts of the world, and it has many important benefits that accumulate to the The human body, and in this article, we will learn how to prepare the Sudanese deaf, how to use it, in addition to mentioning some of its benefits.How to prepare the Sudanese dictationIngredients:One cup of ground rice.One cup of ground lentils.Two tablespoons of white flour.Two tablespoons of ground lupine.One tablespoon of ground fenugreek.One cup of orange peel.One cup of rose water.One spoonful of sesame oil.1 tablespoon of olive oil.1 tablespoon of bitter almond oil.Two tablespoons of lemon juice.One spoonful of ground musk is sweet.How to prepare:Put azar, flour, fenugreek, orange peel, lupine, lentils, sesame oil and olive oil in a large bowl and mix the ingredients well.Add the almond oil, fresh lemon juice, ground musk, rose water and mix again using your hand or a wooden spoon for complete c

1.1 How to prepare the Sudanese domain

ohesion.Put the resulting mixture in a tightly closed bowl, or in a wide tray, and place it inside the refrigerator, until it is used.How to use Sudanese DictationWash the body with warm water before using Sudanese Dictation.Put a sufficient amount of Sudanese domination on the body and a good massage for a period of almost less than five minutes using the fingers of the hand.Leave it for less than ten minutes, until it dries completely, and the skin absorbs it as much as possible.Add drops of olive oil to the duct, while continuing to massage for about ten minutes, to get rid of dead and damaged skin cells.Wash the body with soap and soap several times continuously, to eliminate the duct, noting to get away as much as possible from artificial soap.Apply a moisturizing cream on the body and spread it on the areas where the conduit has been used evenly; This is to whiten and moisturize it, increase its brightness and give it vitality and activity.Benefits of Sudanese DictationGet rid of dead and damaged skin cells and the formation of new clear and pure cells.Lightening the dark areas of the body, whitening it and unifying their color.This gives it vitality and activity throughout t

1.2 How to use the Sudanese dictation

he day.It is blessed, moisturizing and nourishing very effectively, especially the knees and elbows.Reduces the appearance of excess hair in the body.Stretch the body, make it attractive and more shiny.It stimulates blood circulation and tightens the body crimeWas the article useful?

1.3 Benefits of Sudanese Dec.

How to use the Sudanese dictation

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