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How to use white musk – ” Contents1 White Musk2 Video on Muskwhite muskWhite Musk is called The Conquest Musk, and it is considered one of the best and best perfumes, as it is used to scent the body and clothes, and it is also possible to use it to scent the houses, and in this article we Explain how to use White Musk.Benefits of White MuskThere are many medical benefits that we get after using White Musk, namely:Eliminate bacteria or fungus that may exist in sensitive areas, which would eliminate annoying secretions and unpleasant odor from the vagina.Prevent women from uterine cancer.Treating toxins resulting from snakes or harmful insects.It cleans wounds, treats infections in the body, and thus eliminates itching.Increases fertility and helps to have children.Treats problems related to the eyes, which may be yellowing of the white, or dehydration, and the piety of impurities or dirt stuck.Strengthening the heart and its beating.Treating digestive disorders, especially annoying gas.Treating cold, nasal congestion.How to use White MuskThere are many ways to use White Musk, namely:It is best to use White Musk on the body after bathing in hot water, so that the pores of the body are open to receive musk.A

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fter finishing the shower, the body is dried well and gently to avoid scratches or redness.White musk is used by spraying it on the body, with perfume.There is a set of tips that will lead to a long sense of musk scent, which is by placing white musk dots, on the pulse areas of the body, which include: the wrist, the soles of the elbows, in addition to at the elbow.It is also preferable that the scented musk dots are also placed inside the clothes.Among the beloved places to put white musk on is the neck and back of the ear, and it can be placed behind the ear and neck.It is also possible to use white musk in the form of a squirt as perfume and sprinkle it on the body in general.It should be noted that we can reduce the musk, adding a little rose water, then using it.Video on muskFrom the animal gland to your perfume, watch the video to learn more about this valuable item:Was the item useful?

How to use white musk

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