How to wash our hands

1 Washing hands

How to wash our hands – ” Contents1 Wash your hands2 The time you should wash your hands3 Recommended steps to wash your hands before implementation4 Recommended steps to wash your hands after implementing them5 How to wash your hands properlyHand CleaningDiseases are transmitted to our body easily and quickly; Therefore, we must take into account the care of all parts of our body, including our hands, because washing hands is considered or a healthy antiseptic, but the most important thing is to know how to wash hands properly, which leads to clean them well, when should we wash our hands? What are the steps we must take into account, in order to wash our hands before and after? What is the right way to wash your hands?The time you should wash your handsContact with others during the day, as well as our actions and activities are diurnal, and our hands are more vulnerable to germs and various diseases, and thus reaching other parts of the body; Such as the eyes, mouth, nose and tongue, in addition to the genitals, and despite the difficulty of keeping the hands clean throughout the day, the process of washing them repeatedly reduces their exposure to germs, such as bacteria, for example; Therefore, there

2 The time you should wash hands

is a set of steps that are recommended to wash our hands before and after, and be as followsSteps it is recommended to wash hands before implementing themHands should be washed before preparing and preparing food.Before taking any medication or medicine.When treating certain wounds or resorting to placing bandages on the body, the hands should be washed before it.The eyes touch, especially the placement or removal of adhesive eye lenses.Wear clothes and specifically inside.Steps it is recommended to wash hands after implementationFinish the preparation of food, especially if it includes chicken or meat.Finish using the bathroom.Change your children’s diapers.Playing with millennials or touching them by mistake.Sneezing or sewing noses.Treating wounds, whether yours or otherwise.Using chemicals as cleaning materials.Wearing or removing the shoe.In addition to the need to wash it when it feels exposed to some dirt or look at them, especially accumulated under the nails.How to wash your hands properlyAs we mentioned earlier, hand washing does not require you more than soap and water, but you must know how to use them to clean your hands properly, and this is done by following these s

3 steps recommended to wash hands before implementing them

teps:Moisturize hands with water.Rub soap between your hands.Rub hands with soap with flowing water, up to at least twenty seconds.Rub all parts of the body with their surface and between the fingers, in addition to under the nail to reach the elbows.Wash hands of soap with running water.Dry hands with a clean, dry cotton towel, and the paper provided can be used.Was the item useful?

4 steps recommended to wash hands after implementing them

How to wash our hands

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