How to white joints of my hand

1 hand joint whitening

How to white joints of my hand – “Contents1 whitening of the joints of the hand1.1 Regular peeling1.2 Lightening and moisturizing1.3Dark hand knuckles are a very common problem for men and women, due to the accumulation of melanin on the surface of the skin due to the presence of a layer of dead cells, or sun exposure, which leads to hyperpigmentation, and it is Important to get rid of these spots to show the hands clean and beautiful, here are some home remedies to relieve the dark knuckles.Whitening of the jointsRegular peelingRoutine joint peeling is necessary to remove dirt and dead skin cells that cause joint darkness.Sugar and lemon juice: sugar granules and lemon juice work to peel and purify the skin, mix one tablespoon of sugar with two tablespoons of lemon juice and gently rub your hands for ten minutes a day until you get rid of joint darkening.Stone khafakh: Pumice stone effectively removes dead skin cells and dirt, so wet your hands with warm water and body shampoo, then gently rub your hands with a pumice stone, then wash it off with warm water.Almonds and milk: soak three grains of almonds in water throughout the night, and in the morning, go almonds and add a tablespoon of milk, so that you get a p

1.1 Regular peeling

aste, then you rub your hands with the paste and focus on the joints .Lightening and moisturizingIt may not find peeling alone to thin the joints, and it must also be thinned and moistened.Honey and lemon juice: This treatment is effective for simple tanning, mix equal levels of honey and lemon juice in a bowl and rub your fingers for at least ten minutes, then wash your hands with warm water.Milk cream: use milk cream after peeling, massaging your hands with it for ten minutes a day, it is a natural skin brightener and a wonderful moisturizer as well.Sodium and yogurt: make a paste of sodium and bicarbonate of yogurt and rub your fingers daily until you notice a change in the color of your skin.Turmeric: Turmeric has natural and lean properties, you can mix it with honey or yogurt and massage your hands with the mixture for fifteen minutes.Vinegar: Vinegar has a great capacity to eliminate pigmentation.Natural oils: Use one of the types of oils to moisturize your hands, such as olive oil, almond oil or castor oil, and rub your hands with it. Oils have a great ability to moisturize, as they can break down deep into the skin.sunscreenUse sunscreen on your hands when you leave the ho

1.2 Lightening and moisturizing

use and don’t put on moisturizing hand cream when you leave. After you get the results you want, don’t neglect to take care of your hands so the problem doesn’t come back to bite.Was the article helpful?

1.3 sunscreen

How to white joints of my hand

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