How to white my body completely

1 Body whitening

How to white my body completely – ” Contents1 Body bleaching2 Therapeutic methods of body bleaching3 Natural body bleaching mixtures4 skin care tips5 referencesBody whiteningSome people suffer from skin tone imbalance, so we can see that there are some parts of the skin darkened, due to pigmentation created by harmful sunlight, or longer use of chemicals, and so this skin needs great care; To recover its natural color and lighten it, and in this article, some therapeutic methods, and natural methods with household ingredients to whiten the skin will be clarified. [1]Therapeutic methods of body whiteningThere are several therapeutic methods that help whiten the body color, including the following: [2]Skin lightening cream: There are many skin lightening creams that do not require a prescription, based on reducing melanin, which is a pigmentation that causes skin tanning and spots caused by sunlight.Use rhinoidat: these creams are made of vitamin A, which can effectively open the skin, exfoliating the skin and accelerating the rotation of cells.Chemical peeling: chemical peeling removes the upper layers of the skin, revealing a lighter and smoother skin.Microscopy: This treatment is an alternative option for people s

2 Therapeutic methods of body whitening

ensitive to skin, scales and creams, as it exfoliates or essentially gains the skin, and removes the dark layers, making the skin brighter.Natural blends to whiten the bodyThese are natural blends that help whiten the body:Dried orange peels and milkOrange peels can be dried by placing them in the sun; Until they turn into dry scales, then grind these peels; To become like powder, and to implement this recipe, the following steps can be followed:[1]Ingredients:1 tablespoon of orange peel powder.1 tablespoon of fresh to prepare:Mix the ingredients to make a paste.Put the paste on clean skin for 20 minutes.Repeat this process three times a week for best results.Tomatoes, oats and yogurtThis mixture is an effective treatment to lighten the skin, as it is suitable for all skin types, and to implement this recipe, the following steps can be followed:[1]ingredients:1 tablespoon of oatmeal.1 tablespoon of tomato juice.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to make a thick paste.Put the mixture on the skin for 30 minutes, then wash it with warm water and use an appropriate moisturizer.Milk, lemon juice and honeyHoney maintains a moisture balance of the

3 Natural mixtures to whiten the body

skin that can be lost due to lemon juice, so we find that this mask is very effective in brightening and moisturizing the skin, and to implement this recipe, the following steps can be followed:[1]ingredients:1 tablespoon of milk.1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.1 teaspoon of to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a bowl, then put the mixture on the clean skin.Keep the mixture on the skin for 20 minutes, then wash it off.Turmeric, lemon juice and cucumberUse turmeric mask, lemon juice and cucumber; To brighten the skin, improve its health, make it more fresh and implement this recipe, the following steps can be followed:[3]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of turmeric (2.5 g).Two teaspoons of lemon juice.Two teaspoons of cucumber juice.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients, then put the mixture on the area to be lightened.Keep the mixture on the area to be lightened for 15 minutes, then wash it off.Repeat this process several times a week.Coconut waterCoconut water is a rich source of essential minerals for the skin, which moisturizes, brightens the skin and makes it softer and can drink different amounts of this water; Because it contains some calories and to implement this recipe, t

4 Tips for skin care

he following steps can be followed:[3]ingredients:A quantity of coconut water.Cotton to prepare:Soak a cotton ball in the coconut water, then wipe the skin with a cotton ball.Keep coconut water on the skin overnight, then wash it off the next morning.Repeat this process daily.Coconut water can be drunk to moisturize the skin inside and out.Cactus gelAloe vera gel moisturizes the skin, works to calm it, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, as it works to lighten the skin, remove dark spots without any side effects, in addition to what it helps in the treatment of psoriasis treatment, head shell, light skin burns, skin clots and injuries caused by harmful rays, so aloe vera gel can be used without any fear instead of using chemicals that can negatively affect the skin, and to implement this recipe, the following The steps can be followed: [3]Ingredients:Aloe vera leaf.How to prepare:Open the aloe vera to extract the gel inside.Apply aloe vera gel to the skin by rubbing.Repeat this process four times a day for at least 15 days.Potato juicePotatoes contain a large amount of vitamin C, which lightens the complexion, and for fair skin, here is the recipe that can be tried

through the following steps: [3]ingredients:One potato to prepare:Cut the potatoes in half, then rub the skin to be toque with a piece of potato.Keep the potato juice on the skin for 15 minutes, then wash it.You can use raw potatoes daily.Skin care tipsWhile some tips that should be followed; For white and healthy skin:[2]Use sunscreen daily; To protect the skin from harmful sunlight that causes pigmentation and sunburn, in addition to this can lead to skin cancer, due to the secretion of melanin by the body that makes the skin color darker when exposed to the sun, in addition to this The rest of the body should be protected from sunlight by wearing hats, long clothing and sunglasses.Daily skin cleansing and moisturizing. Good skin care consists of following the correct methods of cleansing and moisturizing, as the face should be cleansed twice a day; to remove dirt, accumulated oils, and then use moisturizers suitable for the skin type.Exfoliation of the skin, peeling the skin from time to time twice a week leads to the removal of dead skin cells dark dark, and this uses peeling products with small granules, or rubbing the face with a clean, damp cloth, but in the Case of

acne in the skin, a chemical such as: salicylic acid; To get rid of dead skin cells without skin irritation.Drink large amounts of water and follow a healthy diet; Because this will contribute to better and faster skin cells, which leads to the discoloration of the old skin layers of a dark color, which leads to bright skin layers, by deriving at least 6 cups of water per day and eating healthy foods rich in vitamins and keep away from manufactured foodstuffs.Stop smoking, smoking leads to premature aging, and wrinkles and fine lines, because it prevents blood flow in the face, which makes its color gray.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to white my body completely

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