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How to whiten sensitive areas – ” Contents1 Whitering Sensitive Area2 recipes whitening sensitive areas with natural ingredients3 referencesWhitening with sensitive areasOften the reason for the dyeing of sensitive areas of the genetic factor is more likely, some people are more likely to color these areas more than others, and there are also other common causes of: exposure to harmful sunlight, infection by certain types of Skin diseases, in addition to wearing polyester underwear and making by shaving the bikini area, as well as the constant friction between the thighs that occur when they wear very tight clothes. [1]The skin in sensitive areas is very sensitive to whitening products and products for that; Because it contains a lot of chemicals and for that, it can be whitened with natural ingredients available in the kitchen to get rid of the dark color that causes distress and embarrassment, and these components can be used daily until the desired result is achieved. [1 1 ]]Recipes whitening sensitive areas with natural ingredientsLemonadeDue to the acidic ingredients and its vitamin C, lemon juice is rid the skin of dead skin and improves the appearance of new cells, and to use lemon juice to whiten sensitiv

2 Recipes whitening sensitive areas with natural ingredients

e areas, the following is followed:[1]how to prepare:The lemon is cut into two halves and the inner part is rubbed along the bikini line for a few minutes.The lemon is left on the skin for a period ranging from 10 to 15 minutes, and the area is rinsed with warm water.Or mix half a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of regular milk and half a teaspoon of honey.The mixture is applied to the sensitive area and left for ten minutes.The area is washed with water.It is best to use a moisturizer after using lemon; because it causes dry skin or coconut oil is used.Note: lemon juice is not used if the hair is removed with wax; Because it causes skin irritation and the area should not be exposed to the sun after a day or two of using lemon.Recipe for baking sodaSodium bicarbonate or baking soda is a natural substance that removes dead skin, as well as pH, and other benefits and with regular use of it, to whiten the skin, and to make this mixture, this method is followed:[2]how to prepare:Add two parts of baking soda to one part of water and mix them well to form a soft paste.The mixture is applied to the area to be whitened with a gentle massage, then leave for a few minutes.The are

a is washed with lukewarm water, then with cold water.The method is repeated two to three times a week until you get rid of the dark spots.MilkMilk is a natural hypogon for the skin, as it gives moisture to the skin, and it can be used by placing it in a bowl and using a piece of cotton.Papaya soapIt is best to use it twice a day once in the morning and the second at night, while maintaining moisturizing the skin after use as it causes dryness, and a papaya puree can be used on the areas to whiten and leave for half an hour, then wash the area with water, and you will notice the result after two weeks of use where a clear difference will appear in the color of the area. [3]Aloe veraAloe Vera Aloe Vera is very effective in lightening sensitive areas, and they are safe to use in this area, thanks to its antioxidants and alusin that regulate the production of melanin in the skin, and it is used in the following method:[4 ]]The gel is extracted by cutting the aloe vera leaf and extracting what is inside, and mixing a tablespoon of it with a fist-sized amount of turmeric.Mix the ingredients together, then place on the sensitive area and leave for half an hour.The area is well washed, th

e method is repeated three times a day, and the number of times is reduced over time.RiceRice works to eliminate dead skin and adds to this mixture milk that opens the skin by containing lactic acid, as well as adding lemon, which is characterized by its whitening properties to the skin and is saved from the smell and turmeric rich in antioxidants, which in turn stimulates blood flow to the area to whiten and thus improve the skin color, and to make the mixture we need: [4]ingredients1 tablespoon of turmeric.1 tablespoon of rice powder.1 tablespoon of yogurt.Half a teaspoon of lemon juice.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients in a bowl well until a liquid mixture is somewhat.The mixture is placed on the sensitive area and left for twenty minutes with massage in circular motions, then the area is washed with water and dried.Orange juiceOranges, as in the lemon, naturally contain the eggs of the skin and add to this mixture turmeric that women have always used in India because of its strong impact on the skin, and the way to prepare this mixture is easy and simple as two The tablespoons of orange juice are mixed with a quantity of turmeric The fist, the mixture is applied to the area an

d left for twenty minutes, then the area is washed with water, the method is repeated three times a week. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to whiten sensitive areas

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