How to whiten the armpit

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How to whiten the armpit – ” Contents1 armpits2 causes of underarms3 tips to avoid darkening underarms4 recipes for underarm bleaching5 referencesUnderarmThe armpit is one of the sensitive areas that need continuous care, and its neglect leads to blacks in this area and gives an undesirable shape to women, as it is one of the most areas of the body that produces continuous perspiration and gives an unpleasant smell, so women resort to the use of various deodorants that contribute to these blacks. The area is of the body, and in this topic we will explain the causes of black armpits, and the most important tips to avoid its tanning, with the most important Methods and recipes that work to examine it.Causes of black armpitsBlack armpits and color change is not a disease or medical condition, but rather the result of the influence of the skin with some elements similar to the change in skin color resulting from exposure to ultraviolet sun, and the most important The reasons that lead to tanning and change in the color of the armpit area are:[1]Design. [1]Hair removal by shaving with the blade. [1]Use creams that contain chemicals in hair removal. [1]Poor ventilation in the armpits. [1]The accumulation of dead s

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kin cells. [1]Using alcoholic deodorants containing alcohol and alcohol. [1]Smoking; Where smoking causes the skin to become dyed and dark spots to appear, including in an underarm area, and disappears when stopped. [2]Tips to avoid darkening underarmsThese are the most important tips that prevent darkening of both underarms and work to lighten them, namely:Move away from removing hair in a method of shaving with the blade and replacing it with wax or softness. [2]Avoid using chemical creams to remove hair; Because it contains substances that cause irritation, allergy and tanning in the skin. [2]Avoid using anti-fungal, replace them with any type of anti-fungal powder or use any of the natural anti-fungal prescriptions such as lemon juice, for example, so that it is left under the armpits for half an hour. [2 ]]Peel the skin in this area to get rid of dead cells and avoid the resulting tan. [2]Constantly clean the armpits, taking care to always dry them from water with a soft towel, to avoid the formation of bacteria that cause tanning and unpleasant odor. [2]Wear cotton clothes; Because it absorbs perspiration, prevents the friction of the skin, which prevents tanning. [3]Avoid ea

3 tips to avoid darkening of the armpits

ting foods that contain many spices, because it increases sweating, or those that cause skin sensitivity, because they can turn into dark spots over time without treating them. [3]Do not spray perfumes directly on the underarm area, as it closes the skin of the skin, causes tanning and change of skin color. [3]Consult the doctor in specialized leather. [3]The use of some natural recipes, while maintaining the use of these recipes will disappear, and from these recipes we have chosen: [4]Recipes to whiten the armpitsRecipe for lemon and starchBring half a lemon and rub the armpit in it, then put a quantity of starch on the armpit, and leave until it dries, and in the meantime, it will notice that the color of the starch is changed to black, so it is completely rubbed without washing the skin, and the difference will appear with a use, and this recipe is repeated twice a day for a week until obtaining the desired result. [4]Potato and lemon juice recipeAn appropriate amount of potato juice is mixed with an appropriate amount of lemon juice, the mixture is placed on the underarm area until it dries, then the area is washed, and this recipe is repeated daily for a week, where the black

4 recipes for armpit whitening

ness will be removed from the underarm area. [4]Cucumber recipeCucumber has an effect to lighten the skin in the form of lemon and potato juice, and the way it is used by rubbing the armpit area with cucumber shakes, or placing the cucumber juice on it, and this method is repeated from once to twice a day until the result is achieved. [2]Turmeric and Vaseline RecipeTurmeric is known for its benefits in brightening the complexion, and it can be used to brighten the underarm area, mixing two tablespoons of the desired result. [5]Olive oil and lemon recipeMassaging the underarm area with a quantity of xenon oil, then the area is rubbed with half a lemon with soft salt, or applying lemon juice with fine salt, then the area is washed well and dried, and to achieve incredible results must be repeated once a day. [5]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to whiten the armpit

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