How to whiten the armpits

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How to whiten the armpits – ” Contents1 black armpits2 home recipes for whitening the seat3 lemon recipes for underarm bleaching4 referencesBlack ArmpitsBlack Armpits are one of the things that causes discomfort one of the causes as medical reasons are the result of disorders and malignant tumors, and this black can be easily eliminated by applying some treatments and recipes at home. [1]Home recipes to whiten underarmsThere are several ways to eliminate underarm blackness, including:[2]Potatoes: Because they contain acidic substances, they are able to whiten the armpits naturally, and this can be by cutting potatoes into slices or age and rubbing the armpit area, and leaving them for 15 minutes until it dries, and then it is washed with hot The water, this method is used twice a day to get the effective results.Option: The option also contains natural whitening properties that are able to lighten the area and get rid of the blackness, and this can be by slicing it and rubbing the underarm area twice a day, and a small turmeric powder can also be mixed with cucumber juice and The lemon, and put the paste on the underarm area and leave it for 30 minutes with the recipe is repeated daily or two.Baking soda: it

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is known as sodium bicarbonate, and it can be used to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead cells, and is used by mixing baking soda with a little water to form a paste that rubbed under the armpit, while repeating it, More than once during the week.Orange peel: it contains a lot of flash properties and can be used by exposing the orange peel to sunlight until it dries, then crushed and mixed with a little rose water and milk, and rub the armpit area with this paste, leave gently, leave gently For about 15 minutes, and it is repeated twice for three times a week.Coconut oil: The coconut contains vitamin E, which is able to lighten the skin, as it works as a natural and effective deodorant, and it is by massaging the area with oil for 15 minutes and repeating two for three per week.Milk: Milk contains fatty acids that are able to reduce and get rid of it as it is able to smooth the skin, mixing two tablespoons of milk and flour with a tablespoon of adding a few strands of saffron to two lashes of milk, grease the underside of the stop in it and leave it for 15 minutes.Recipe for lemon to whiten the armpitsIt contains astringent whitening elements capable of ridding the body of blac

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k, and lemon can be used by cutting it into slices and rubbing the underarm area and leaving the juice for 10 minutes, then wash the area with warm water and moisturizing with moisturizing cream and lemon juice can be used as a scrub by adding a little sugar for a piece of lemon, then use it by rubbing it under the armpit, or you can mix a little turmeric, milk or honey with a little lemon juice and massage the Area with the paste and leave it for 10 minutes, with this recipe repeated four times a week. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to whiten the armpits

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