How to whiten the face as soon as possible

1 Is it possible to whiten the face quickly?

How to whiten the face as soon as possible – ” Contents1 Is it possible to whiten the face quickly?2 Medical ways to whiten the face3 natural mixtures to whiten the face4 referencesIs it possible to whiten the face quickly?Many people resort to various ways to whiten the face quickly, but in general, it is difficult to whiten the face quickly; as most whitening methods need a long delay of several weeks and months to show their results. [1]However, some cosmetics such as foundation cream claim that they can brighten and whiten the face, but its effect is usually limited to the outer layer of the skin only; It does not affect the melanin dye and does not reduce the pigmentation, but only hides them, and when washing these products, the skin color returns as it was. [2]Medical means to whiten the faceThe face can be lightened through the following methods:Medicine creamsThere are a number of medical creams that contain components that reduce the production of melanin by the body, and these creams also help to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the growth and renewal of cells, [3] and it is mentioned by the most important of these components the following: [2]vitamin CThis component is one of the common ingredients, and has anti-o

2 medical ways to whiten the face

xidant properties and helps reduce the production of melanin in the cells.Glycolic acidThis acid helps to exfoliate the skin, get rid of dead cells and renew it.RetinoidsThis substance is derived from vitamin A and is used to get rid of dark spots and pigmentation, as well as regenerating cells.HydroquinoneThis substance reduces the number of pigment cells, which are responsible for melanin secretion.Some of these medical creams do not need to be dispensed, while those containing hydroquinone and steroids need a prescription; When its use is associated with certain side effects, especially when used with high concentrations, which includes pigmentation of the skin to become black or blue, in addition to its pimples and scars. [2]Laser treatmentLaser therapy helps to whiten and look the face, in addition to getting rid of dark spots and pigmentation, and the laser is used to target and destroy chromosomal cells, or exfoliate the skin and get rid of the outer layer, and the results can be observed in several weeks after doing it, and several sessions should be done depending on a number of factors as this treatment can cause redness and swelling of the skin; Where the skin needs 1 to

3 natural mixtures to whiten the face

2 weeks to recover. [1]Natural face whitening mixturesSome believe that the face can quickly whiten by using some natural ingredients, but the evidence that confirms this is insufficient; When these methods must adhere to their application for a long time, and their results may not be noticeable [4] and these mixtures include:Oatmeal scrubOats can be prepared as follows: [5]Mix two tablespoons of oat flour with two tablespoons of sugar well.Add a quarter cup of milk and stir well.Spread the mixture on the face and gently massage the skin.Wash your face and dry it well.Use a skin moisturizer.Honey and lemon mixtureYou can prepare this recipe as follows: [5]Mix an appropriate amount of lemon juice and honey well.Spread the mixture directly on the face.Massage the mixture with nice movements for 3 to 5 minutes.Rinse the face well with cold water.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How to whiten the face as soon as possible

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