How to whiten under the eyes

1 whitening under the eyes

How to whiten under the eyes – “Contents1 whitening under the eyes2 natural ways to whiten under the eye3 tips for whitening under the eyes4 referencesWhitening under the eyesMany women face problems related to the skin, and one of these problems is darkness under the eyes, or dark circles so called, as a result of various reasons that may be related to poor diet, the nature of refreshments used, or Not cleaning the face after applying makeup, or fluid retention under the eyes or exposure to the sun for long hours. [1]In addition to the reasons related to insufficient hours of sleep, rest, smoking, alcohol or drinks containing large amounts of caffeine; So here we will discuss the most important natural mixtures that help get rid of this black.Natural ways to whiten under the eyeCoconut oilCoconut oil is one of the best treatments that help get rid of the darkness located especially the eyes, which is caused by dark circles or heads, as it reduces the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and eye lines, as follows: [2 ]]Put a quantity of coconut oil around the eye.Massage the area with the oil in a gentle and calm manner.Repeat this method three times a day for several months for best results.Tea bagsTea contains a g

2 natural ways to whiten under the eye

roup of anti-oxidants that help get rid of the darkness under the eyes, in addition to that, it reduces the swelling in the lower eyes and reduces vascular contractions and fluid retention, as follows: [1]The tea sacrifice is soaked in a cup that contains water and the leaves in the refrigerator for almost 30 minutes.The bags are removed from the refrigerator and placed on each eye a bag up to ten minutes.The bags are removed and the face is rinsed with warm water.This method can be repeated twice a day to achieve the desired results.Cold compressesCold compresses also reduce eye darkness, as well as swelling and vascular cramping, as follows: [3]A clean towel can be brought in and soaked in a quantity of cold water.The towel is placed over the eyelids and they are closed for a few minutes.Ice cubes can be brought in and placed in soft wipes, then put under the eyes for several minutes.TurmericTurmeric contains a group of anti-oxidants and various infections that cause darkness under the eyes; Therefore, it is widely used to get rid of it, as follows: [1]Mix two tablespoons of crushed turmeric with a quantity of pineapple juice to make a thick and consistent paste.The paste is plac

3 tips for whitening under the eyes

ed around the eyes, trying to concentrate its place in the black area.Leave the paste under the eyes for 10 minutes, then wipe with a piece of smooth wet cloth.This method can be repeated every day for best results.Tips for whitening under the eyesWhile some tips to reduce dark circles under the eyes of the eyes: [3]Sleep at least 8 hours a day, to be removed from the rest at night.The use of an eye massage device, massages the area under the eyes helps to improve the blood flow there, so a moisturizer can be applied to the area, and then begins the massage from the inner area to the outer area up to 30 minutes .Increase water and reduce salty foods.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How to whiten under the eyes

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