How we weaken my cheeks

1 Introduction

How we weaken my cheeks – ” Contents1. Introduction2 ways to weaken the cheeks3 exercises to weaken the cheeks4 referencesIntroductionMany women suffer from an embarrassing problem and it is difficult to hide easily, and this problem is the accumulation of fat in the face, compared to the rest of the body, so their point of view seems inappropriate and inconsistent, and they found themselves from their point of the share, they are between two options that do not have a third, and both options are waiting to reduce black age fat, or expensive surgery, but they do not know that their subscribers of certain issues and behaviors get incredible results for them Get rid of cheeks. [1]Methods of weakening the cheeksThere are a set of nutritional criteria that you must adhere to in order to weaken your cheeks: [2]Reduce the use of salt on food, because salt is the congestion of water and liquids inside the body, and the face is one of the most capable parts of the body to keep water and to give your food taste, you can use lemon.Drink water, about two liters of daily, and you can add a piece of lemon to the cup of water, because it will break the boredom of the water of drinking water, and lemon is effective in pur

2 ways to weaken cheeks

ifying the body from toxins.Stay away from drinking soda and shopping juices, as these drinks contain large amounts of calories.Make sure you eat vegetables and fruits and avoid foods high in sugars and carbohydrates that are harmful to the skin.Eat more fiber, fiber needs a longer period of digestion so you will feel ugly for a longer period of time and pay attention to the amount and quality of the fat you eat.Mathematical exercises to weaken the cheeksThe diet alone will not help to weaken the cheeks, because there is a set of exercises that must be practiced daily, to contribute quickly and effectively to get rid of fat cheeks: [3]SMILE: A sport that works greatly to burn the fat accumulated on the cheeks, whether the smile and lips are closed, or a smile that highlights the teeth, and laughter is the way to achieve a beautiful and attractive face like the faces of stars.Gum: Gum works to exercise the muscles of the face and jaw, and contributes greatly to the mincernization of the face in general and the cheeks in particular, chewing gum for an hour a day.Nose: lift your upper lip until you touch your nose and try to raise your cheeks until they reach the eyes, prove this posi

3 exercises to weaken cheeks

tion five seconds and repeat this exercise five times a day.The fish mouth: close your lips and extend them forward, as if you would accept one of them, prove this movement for seven or a second prize. Repeat this exercise as much as you can and daily.Curl: One of your cheeks blown out for ten seconds, then the other cheek also blown out for ten seconds. Repeat this exercise six times for each cheek daily.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

How we weaken my cheeks

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