How your skin becomes brown

1 Ways to get brown skin

How your skin becomes brown – “Contents1 ways to get brown skin1.1 Masks to Tanny the skin1.2 Sun bath to tan1.3 Other ways to tanWays to get brown skinBrown skin or bronze, in our time, it has become the secret of the charming look, and an important factor to highlight the femininity of women, many women are looking for ways to tan their skin, without resorting to means that can make them burn in the skin or diseases of it, and the use of tanning processes, which are often caused by skin cancer, and they are also expensive, but there are many ways to provide the skin of this color, and without harming it .Tanning masks for the skinHenna MaskMix equal amounts of henna, coffee, turmeric and body moisturizer.Apply the mixture to your body and leave it on for three hours before washing your body thoroughly.After you are done, grease your body with children’s oil.Oil MaskMix one teaspoon of coconut oil, baby oil, carrot oil and glycerin, with a small dot of microcrome, and also with two tablespoons of tanning cream, which carries a protection factor of no more than twenty.Apply the mixture to your body until it turns a brown color and repeat this method until you get the result you want.Sun bath for tanningExposing

1.1 masks to tanny the skin

your skin to the sun in the period between the tenth and fourth hours after the rays; because these rays increase the incidence of skin cancer.Make sure to apply a protective cream before being exposed to the sun, but make sure to choose a sunscreen, some protective factories, as well as it does not contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, because these two elements turn without the ultraviolet rays Reach the skin and therefore you will not be able to have brown skin.Use sunscreen, as it is effective in allowing the radiation to reach the skin and helps you get brown skin quickly.Make sure you apply the sunscreen every two hours.Make sure to moisturize your skin, keep its brown color permanently and regularly.Other ways to tanGive your skin a light tanning cream mixture and moisturize it twice a week until you get the color you want.Use a full body tanning spray and spray it from your upper body to your feet, then horizontally, so that the tan is integrated and parallel.Smile your skin with a dark blush, and start at your cheeks and finish at your neck and shoulder.Was the article helpful?

1.2 sun bath to tan

1.3 other ways to tan

How your skin becomes brown

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