How your skin becomes pink

1 rose water

How your skin becomes pink – “Contents1 rose water2 facial massage3 peeling4 natural juices5 referencesRose waterRoses are used very red to get a pink and fresh skin, because they contain useful dyes to take care of the skin from the impurities of the skin, and can be used by boiling a group of rose petals in half a liter of water and the water is filtered after that and used after it is cooled by spraying on the skin every morning and evening. [1]Facial massageFacial massage helps to achieve a soft and smooth skin by stimulating blood circulation, and it is through the use of fingers to massage the face in circular and opposite movements, this exercise repeated regularly to get the best result within two days and massage can be used with a moisturizer for the face, [2] or using a natural oil such as: olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil, and the cheek tablet can also be used after massaging the face and moved the blood flow In this paper, and this is done by using the thumb and index finger aspects in the cheeks in a pleasant way with not to make pressure strongly so that the area is not injured and this exercise should last 10 to 15 minutes. [ 3]PeelingExfoliation is one of the most important ways to get natu

2 Facial massage

ral pink cheeks, because the accumulation of dead skin discolors and loses the skin, so it is recommended to peel the skin continuously to remove the dead skin cells and dirt stuck on the skin, and this is by maintaining the peeling of the skin in a good and moderate but not daily on a daily basis where it harms the skin. [2]fresh juicesNatural juices can be used as a suitable way to become pink skin, and that is by pouring a type of fruit juice into a small dry kubis and repeat the layers until the required degree of pink is achieved. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 peeling

4 natural juices

How your skin becomes pink

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