How your skin is white and clear

1 daily skin care habits

How your skin is white and clear – ” Contents1 daily skin care habits2 natural recipes for skin3 general tips for white and fair skin4 referencesDaily skin care habitsDaily skin cleansingSkin experts are advised to follow a daily cleansing pattern for the skin that revolves around cleansing it twice, once in the morning before using topical products such as antioxidants or skin moisturizers, and another at night to get rid of the effects of these accumulated products and dirt, and prevent blockage of pores. [1]Using lukewarm waterTo enjoy healthy skin and maintain its natural moisture, it is necessary to refrain from bathing or washing with hot water, and replace it with lukewarm water and reduce the time of bathing, as well as use a soft towel to gently dry the skin without rubbing it. [1]MoisturizerThe best time to apply this step is after the bath; Because the skin is more willing to absorb, which is done by using moisturizers and body oils, because these oils are locked in moisture in the skin without causing the closure of pores, and moisturizers that contain vitamin C, growth factors and reciveols are considered one of the most common formulas that are recommended to use this purpose, especially on delicate an

2 Natural recipes for the skin of the skin

d sensitive skin areas. [1]Prevention of sunlightThe application of sunscreen should be engaged daily to protect the skin from the damage of sunlight, and it should also be placed at unanities days; This helps to protect the skin from wrinkles, pigmentation and skin cancer. [1]The adequacy of the body’s needsThese daily needs of the body are to take enough sleep, drink plenty of water, in addition to adhere to eat clean and healthy foods, so that fresh vegetables and fruits are consumed; It is rich in necessary antioxidants and reduces foods that include high levels of sodium; To avoid swelling of the skin. [1]Natural recipes for the skinBread and Honey SodaBaking soda is used in natural recipes to purify and whiten the skin on a large scale, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, acidity budget of the skin, exfoliation of the skin, get rid of dirt and dead cells, and it is by Mixing a teaspoon of soda with a teaspoon of honey and apply the mixture on the wet skin and massage it for a minute, then finish washing the skin with hot and cold water to ensure the closure of pores and repeat these steps once a week. [2]apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar has acidic properties th

3 general tips for white and clear skin

at increase the purity of the skin and gravity by getting rid of damaged skin and treating many skin problems that cause their discoloration, as well as anti-oxidant properties that prevent skin damage due to the prevention of the effect of free molecules, and it is by reducing the vinegar by mixing the amount of two tablespoons of vinegar for every cup of water, and then rub the skin with this solution to achieve the desired result. [2]General tips for white and fair skinThere are many tips that would help increase skin purity, including the following: [3]It is recommended to choose the types of oils that are free of oils and contained in the composition of benzwell peroxide or salicylic acid.Stay away from the use of cosmetics or makeup with a greasy base; To avoid clogging of the pores and replace it with products by a metallic base available in the form of powders.Keep the hair lifted from the face and skin; To ensure that they are not exposed to the oils it contains, causing pores and the appearance of grains.Maintain cleanliness and sterilization of the skin by avoiding much contact with the hands and using headphones instead of bringing the phone close to the skin, in additi

on to washing when sweating; This is to prevent germs and causes grains.the reviewerWas the article useful?

How your skin is white and clear

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