Is it possible to lengthen nails in two days?

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Is it possible to lengthen nails in two days? – ” Contents1 lengthening of the nails2 important dietary elements3 natural recipes to maintain nails4 referencesLengtheningAlthough there may be information or generalized recipes that are described as the ability to lengthen nails or accelerate their growth, this is not intended from a scientific point of view, and is due to the fact that nails grow at a fixed rate of about 3.5 mm per month and this growth cannot be accelerated, either by using paint or applying vitamins directly to the nails, nor even by using different types of washing, but what can be done to improve its appearance and maintain their length as much as possible is to take care of them to strengthen them and protect them from breaking. [1]Important NutrientsCalciumPeople believed long ago in the weakness of the nails and their breakage with a lack of calcium in the body, and this proposal has been linked to the association of calcium deficiency with osteoporosis, and as a result, studies have been conducted to discuss this relationship and some have proven the validity of what was presented, so it is good to finish the diet with this element, especially in individuals exposed to its deficiency, in addition to the

2 important food elements

possibility of using nail care products that contain calcium in their components. [1]ProteinThis is the main protein ingredient of the nails, so the lack of protein in the diet causes weakness of the nails and affects its health, and to avoid this, it is advisable to eat foods rich in protein from its vegetarian and animal exporters. [1]BiotinBiotin is available as a nutritional supplement for sale individually or in a group of vitamins designed for skin care, hair and nails, and biotin is useful as a nail tonic, and it is maintained from breakage or separation, and thus makes it longer for the longest possible period. [2]Natural recipes to maintain the nailsgarlicGarlic is one of the antibiotics and strives to protect the nails from potential infection, thus provides better conditions for their growth, and can be used by cutting the clove of garlic in half to rub the nails with them, and then keep them until they are Absorbed by the nails, followed by a paste of garlic cloves to be placed on the nails five minutes a day for a week. [3]Vitamin EVitamin E is one of the most effective elements to stimulate nail growth; Due to the ease and speed of its absorption, and it is used by mi

3 Natural recipes to maintain nails

xing it with a few drops of one of the oils, and you can use tea oil for example, then warm the mixture a little and soak the nails with is absorbed and leaves on the nails overnight before washing them. [3]EggshellEggshell contains many ingredients necessary for the growth of nails, including calcium, protein, iron, magnesium, etc., and these elements can be used by crushing the egg peelings and put them in the blender to be mixed with almonds, walnuts, linen seeds and forming powder so that a teaspoon is consumed daily, as well as a cup of hot milk, and continue this recipe for a month up to that maximum. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Is it possible to lengthen nails in two days?

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