Is there vitamins to fattening the face?

1 Is there vitamins to fattens the face?

Is there vitamins to fattening the face? – ” Contents1 Are there vitamins to burn the face?2 ways to avoid the face3 referencesAre there vitamins to fatten the face?Despite the many benefits of vitamins, there is no reliable scientific information that shows that if there are vitamins that lead to fattening of the face specifically, and it should be noted that weight gain in a specific area is not possible because the weight is submerged in the whole body , including the face by consuming more calories than what is burned by following a healthy diet rich in calories and various nutrients. [1]Ways to clear the faceThis explains what comes from the ways that can help fatten the face and cheeks, but it should be noted that they still need scientific studies to confirm:Facial exercisesThe face of the face is also known because it helps to strengthen the facial muscles and give a more dynamic appearance, in addition to this, it helps to improve blood circulation, and the most important of these exercises is the following: [2] [3 ]]Close the mouth and fill it with the most air and continue this position for 45 seconds before the air is blown out.Open the mouth in the shape of the letter O and smile, then put the fingers of each h

2 ways to fattens the face

and on the top of the cheek and lift it gently for 30 seconds.Smiling, put the fingers on the cheeks, lift them and continue this position for 20 seconds.Opening the mouth and joining the lips inwards so that it covers the teeth and made them tight and tighten the corners of the mouth and move the mouth forward, and continue this position for 30 seconds.Topical applicationsThe application of certain oils and topical products can help moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles and can therefore give a complete appearance, but it should be noted that there are no scientific studies that confirm its effectiveness, the most important of which is the following: [4] [3]Honey: Honey is one of the moisturizing and natural elements, and therefore it helps moisturize the skin and can give it a more complete appearance, in addition to containing antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes that reduce the possibility of being damaged .Oils: Putting natural oils on the face can help to achieve a more youthful appearance by throwing a complete look to the cheeks, among the most important of these oils, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil and shea butter oil.Aloe vera: Aloe vera cont

ains antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E, and it features skin moisturizing properties; Therefore, it helps the appearance of the face in a dynamic appearance and can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, which can help increase the fullness of the face.Facial MasksThe use of facial masks can help moisturize the skin and relieve fine lines, which helps the appearance of the face full and younger, and the most important ingredients that are recommended in masks, glycerin, petroleum jelly, mineral oils, Androiia, and hyaluronic acid, and in case of the desire to use natural ingredients, it is recommended to choose kiwi, milk, papaya, eggs, banana, cucumber, oats and avocado. [4]Medical methodsMedical methods can be resorted to the fattening of the face, but after consulting the specialist doctor, one of the most important medical methods is the transfer of fat from another area of the body and injecting them into the face, or the use of skin fillers By injecting a filler into a part of the face, such as the cheeks and other methods, however, it should be noted that such methods can cause side effects and damage, so the risks of each method should be discussed before making the decision t

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Is there vitamins to fattening the face?

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