Keep hands from wrinkles

1 Natural ways to maintain hands from wrinkles

Keep hands from wrinkles – “Contents1 natural ways to keep the hands from wrinkles2 factors that cause wrinkles on the hands3 tips to prevent wrinkles from appearing on the hands4 referencesNatural ways to keep hands wrinkle-freeThere are many natural recipes that protect the hands and prevent them from wrinkles. Such as:Olive oil recipeOlive oil contains healthy fats beneficial to the health of the body; Hands are built and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and this oil contains a high percentage of vitamin E, which encourages the production of collagen important to fight aging. The way is: [1]ingredients:A dominant spin of olive oil.A dominant spoon of sugar.One strength for the mixture.the way to prepare:Place the ingredients in the bowl and mix well for the paste.Put the paste on the hands with a massage in circular movements for a few minutes.Leave the paste on the hands for 10 minutes.The hands are rinsed with warm water.The hands are dried well and it is poured with olive oil.The recipe is repeated once or twice a week.Banana recipeBananas contain properties that moisturize the hands, which helps to reduce the wrinkles that appear there. The way is:[2]ingredients:Half a grain of ripe bananas.A little

2 factors that cause wrinkles on the hands

honey.A little olive oil.A strength for the mixture.How to prepare:Half a grain of bananas is placed in the bowl and mash well.Other ingredients are added to the banana shell and mix well.The mixture is placed on the hands and left for 20 minutes.Hands are washed with warm water, then with cold water.The recipe is repeated at least once a week.Recipe for shea butterChea butter contains properties that help moisturize and smooth the skin of the hands, so this is one of the wonderful recipes to protect the hands from wrinkles, and the way is:[3]Ingredients: organic yeast butter.How to prepare:The butter is placed on the hands.The hands are massaged with circular movements.The recipe is repeated daily after the bath.Factors that cause wrinkles on the handsThere are a group of factors that negatively affect the skin of the hands; This leads to the appearance of wrinkles on it. Including: [1]Shukha.Genetic factor.Side effects of certain medications.Excessive exposure to the sun.Environmental pollution.Smoking.Dryness.Hormonal changes.Malnutrition.Tips to prevent wrinkles from appearing on the handsThere is a set of recommended tips to apply; To prevent wrinkles from appearing on the ha

3 tips to prevent wrinkles from appearing on the hands

nds. Including: [1]Be careful to protect the hands from the harmful sun of the sun, as a sunscreen is placed on them, provided that it is a protection lab 30 or higher.It is recommended to drink enough water every day; It has a role in hydrating the skin and remove dryness.Make sure to eat foods rich in nutrients beneficial to the health of the skin, such as vitamins; This makes it a longer lasting young woman.Avoid using detergents that contain harsh chemicals on the hands.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Keep hands from wrinkles

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