Laser acne removal

1 Using laser in treating acne

Laser acne removal – ” Contents1 Use of laser in the treatment of acne2 reasons for the appearance of acne3 acne4 referencesUsing lasers in the treatment of acneThere are many ways to treat acne, but these methods depend on the intensity of the injury; Some injuries can be treated with prevention and some simple home remedies, while some need surgeries, and the technique of using laser beams has recently spread to treat young love and scars that leave them behind, and the principle of the laser treatment method is to expose The affected area with the appearance of love to strong laser beams, and not to let the pills appear, the laser beams destroy the fat cells in the layers of the skin, and thus reduce the amounts of fat that appear on the surface, and In the case of scars, the doctor increases the strength of the laser depending on the depth of the area to be treated. [1]Before starting the laser process, the specialist doctor puts a narcotic cream to the seminary in which the operation is performed, and after completing it, the patient receives a soothing cream that is mainly used three to four times, and this method is considered A radical treatment for the appearance of young love, but it is a hig

2 reasons for acne appearing

h price for some people; Simple topical treatments are usually cheaper, because they require visiting a specialized dermatologist for preparation before the process, and the patient mainly needs more than one session for a full recovery. [1]Reasons for the appearance of acneThe main and direct cause of the appearance of young love is the increased secretion of sebaceous glands in the skin and the blockage of skin pores. Presses help to increase the appearance of these pills, including the following: [2 ]]Genetic factors.The nature of the skin; For oily skin is one of the most skin types in the secretion of oils and fats.The body’s hormones change, and this is evident in young people and teenagers.Eat many foods rich in fat.Neglecting the hygiene of the external skin to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dead cells that cause the blockage of the pores from which the oily secretions come out in the external skin.Use of cheap makeup tools that cause blockage of the skin pores.AcneThe problem of young love has been included in chronic diseases that require long periods to get rid of and control; Some types of spots leave a trace behind them called scars. Most categories are likely to

3 acne

have young love, these are the category of youth and teenagers of both sexes, but those who are smaller or more may be hurt by the appearance of some pills, but they are not much like a period of period of youth and adolescence. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Laser acne removal

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