Laser cracks removal

1 Laser cracks removal

Laser cracks removal – “Contents1 laser Crack removal2 Laser Crack Removal3 Laser Crack RemovalLaser Crack RemovalMany people suffer from the problem of skin cracks that spread to different areas of the body, so it becomes annoying and uncomfortable; The person begins to look for ways that help to get rid of these cracks and remove them, and one of the modern methods currently used is the laser; So we will discuss this method with some details.People qualified to remove laser cracksThis method is most suitable for those who do not want surgery, and its idea is to stimulate collagen for production by targeting the inner layers of the skin, and at the same time suffers from cracks and wants to get rid of them and improve the appearance of his skin, and its result is best and guaranteed by a large percentage of non-smokers who like with high physical health, and for those who suffer from wrinkles, skin spots and the effects of acne and sun, specifically harmful, whether on the neck, chest, shoulders or limbs such as hands and legs; Due to aging or skin scars, this type of treatment causes some pain that disappears with local anesthesia.Removal of laser cracksPreparing for the treatmentFirst, the doctor comp

2 People to remove laser cracks

letely reviews the patient’s medical history and to ensure that the injured person is able to undergo this treatment, after which the targeted areas are determined, and the start of the painting with a narcotic cream left on the body for a period ranging between forty-five minutes to sixty minutes, then a gel is placed in its place that helps. On the slip, so that the laser beams spread in the digital areas of the body, and skin layers target in addition to the outer skin in addition To the dermis, and the treatment lasts a period ranging from fifteen to forty-five minutes in five sessions, and to relieve the pain, the doctor uses a cooling device called Zimmer.After the treatmentInitially, the patient is uncomfortable and the color of the skin becomes pink, and this lasts a period ranging from three to five days, then the swelling and irritation begin to disappear until a new layer of leather is bronze, and this color lasts for about two weeks; Because the treatment cooperates with the body’s natural cells, the results need a period ranging from one to two weeks to appear, and the drug is generally recommended to place a protective cream from harmful sun, and also contains a moist

3 Laser cracks removal

urizing substance.General risksThe risks differ from person to person depending on the causes of the cracks, in addition to the different type of skin, and in general it includes the following:Non-healing wounds quickly.The appearance of freckles and scars.Swelling, peeling and stirring of the skin surface.The color of the skin appears red and for long periods.Exposure to a bacterial infection.Change in skin coloring.Irritation of the acne if this is the case.Was the item helpful?

Laser cracks removal

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