Laser hair removal damage

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Laser hair removal damage – ” Contents1 hair removal2 benefits of laser hair removal3 How to prepare for laser hair removal4 laser hair removal damageHair removalSome women are bored with the process of hair removal constantly through old ways such as throat, wax and gentle, because these ways cause pain and sensitivity, and on top of that, the hair appears after a short period of time, so some women resort to an alternative and semi-permanent way of removing hair, namely laser.The use of lasers helps a woman to get a clean and soft skin and for long periods of time, and although its cost is relatively high, the majority prefers to undergo a permanent rest of the hair, but in addition to its benefits, it also has its damage and its damage The woman must recognize it before it is decided to submit to it.Benefits of laser hair removalLaser treatment is very useful for many issues related to skin, skin and hair removal, especially hair in unwanted areas, and the benefits of laser hair removal include the following:Democities: It targets only black and coarse hair follicles, leaving the surrounding leather area without any damage or harm.Speed: Each laser pulse takes one second, and it can treat more than one hai

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r at a time, as it treats a large area of hair at a standard speed, and small areas such as the upper lip of the can be treated in less than a minute, while large and wide areas such as the back or legs take longer to reach sometimes an hour.Democracy: Most people lose hair permanently after undergoing several successive sessions.How to prepare for laser hair removalBefore undergoing laser hair removal sessions, the person must ensure that there are no obstacles and contraindications to health, in addition to this, you must ensure that the doctor or the person who does these sessions must be subjected to hair removal by traditional methods such as batteries, waxing, etc., because the laser targets the roots of the hair, and it is advisable not to be exposed to the sun for six weeks before and after the treatment, because exposure makes hair removal more difficult and less effective.Damage to laser hair removalThe use of laser to remove unwanted hair needs a lot of heat to burn hair follicles, so it is possible to cause skin burns for some users, in addition to this causes more frequent burns with patients with dark skin and skin that contains black pigmentation absorbs the laser is

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more easily. Most cases of burns are mild, but there are also cases in which the burn is severe.The laser can cause eye injuries, so it is important to wear protective glasses during each treatment session.Itching, which is one of the normal side effects of laser hair removal during and after treatment.Skin color turns red for a few days after a session.Pain, tingling and numbness throughout the laser treatment area, and these are probably the most common and common effects that can be considered normal.Was the article helpful?

4 laser hair removal damage

Laser hair removal damage

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