Laser hair removal side effects

1 laser hair removal

Laser hair removal side effects – ” Contents1 Laser hair removal2 Symptoms and damage caused by laser3 laser hair removal features4 referencesLaser hair removalLaser hair removal technology has recently spread, or what is known as permanent hair removal, and this method has proven its effectiveness and great capacity and a specific period of time, and with simple side effects, as well as being more comfortable and easier compared to traditional hair removal methods. During this article, we will discover the side effects caused by the laser when using it, in addition to mentioning the features that characterize it. [1]Symptoms and damage caused by the laserThere are several damages to laser hair removal, including:[2]Skin burns; The use of laser beams in order to raise hair can sometimes result in burns in the skin, due to its reliance on high temperature, and such cases often occur with dark skin, but most cases where burns occur are simple and rarely eloquent or severe.Formation problems; Exposure to laser light causes pigmentation problems, either by increasing or shortening.Eye injuries; Therefore, it must be protected and covered during the operation.Itching: skin is one of the most normal side effects of laser

2 The symptoms and damages caused by the laser

hair removal, either during or after the treatment.Redness and swelling of the skin; After treatment, naturally, the skin becomes red for a few days, and swelling around the pores is likely to occur in many cases.Pain and tingling sensation; One of the most common side effects is the sensation of tingling, pain and numbness in the treated area. Such symptoms can be considered normal for their prevalence in laser users; it can be avoided by using anesthetic creams available in all clinics.Color of the skin in purple, which is one of the rare side effects.Infection, which is also a rare effect in the elimination process. If infection is carried out, it is necessary to maintain the affected area because it does not spread to the rest of the body.Characteristics of laser hair removalThere are several advantages to remove laser hair, including:[3]High precision; Where the laser beams can be targeted by the specified area, without harm or damage to the surrounding areas.Speed; It is possible to eliminate hair in a short and specified time, such as a small area as the highest mouth, for example, takes no more than a minute, while large areas such as the legs can take the elimination proc

3 laser hair removal features

ess for almost an hour; Therefore, it is a fast and accurate treatment.The ability to predict, which means that the doctor can inform the person how many sessions will end the removal process.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Laser hair removal side effects

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