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Laser hair removal – ” Contents1 laser body removal1.1 Tips before laser hair removal1.2 Laser hair removal process1.3 Benefits of laser hair removal1.4 Laser hair removal advocatesLaser hair removalLaser hair removal is one of the modern methods that are used to get rid of annoying hair, which usually grows in undesirable areas in the body, so many women and men have resorted to get rid of this hair by using laser and leaving painful traditional methods.The principle of laser work to remove body hair is based on stopping the melanin cells under the skin and in the roots of the hair, and thus stopping the growth of hair or relieving its appearance on the skin.Tips before removing laser hairKnow the type of skin, and is it suitable for lasers or not, and it is best to consult a dermatologist before laser operations to remove hair.Distinguish the hair color that will be removed, because the laser has a greater effectiveness in removing black hair, and time and money are lost to remove light hair, ie white or very blonde.It is not recommended to remove body hair for brown or dark skin, because it is more likely to develop very hot laser burns.Do some tests, such as blood tests and hormones, to make sure t

1.1 Tips before laser hair removal

hat the excess hair is not the result of certain diseases.Make sure that there is no conflict between laser hair removal and the use of certain medications to treat other diseases.Before starting to use the laser in the hair removal process, the desired area must be determined and equipped, shaved the hair and avoided using any of the traditional methods used to remove hair.Laser hair removal processUsing a special cream that localized anesthesia in the area from which the hair will be removed, and it is best to use this cream and apply the skin, especially in sensitive areas of the body.Start by directing the laser device at the area to be removed and moving it to all parts of that area.The laser hair removal process takes a few minutes, but several sessions are required to achieve the desired result, and the more the area contains thick hair, the more laser sessions I needed to get rid of the hair permanently.Benefits of laser hair removalThe hair removal process takes a few minutes, in addition to that, it gets rid of the body of hair permanently.It is used to remove hair from all areas of the body and almost no pain.The laser removes hair in a controlled manner and without dama

1.2 Laser hair removal process

ging the surrounding areas.Complications of laser hair removalA swelling of the skin and its color change, as it tends to redness.Check the area exposed to the laser, which causes temporary itching.Numbness in the area exposed to the laser.Infection by some light burns, and its intensity increases as the skin is darker.Was the article useful?

1.3 Benefits of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

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