Laser peeling damage

1 swelling of the skin

Laser peeling damage – ” Contents1 swelling of the skin2 feeling itchy and stinging3 multiple side effects4 The appearance of acne5 changes in skin color6 The appearance of white bumps7 referencesSwelling of the skinUsually swelling, redness and bruising in the skin after laser peeling 24 and 28 hours to gradually hide the swelling. [1]Feeling itchy and stingingLaser peeling causes itching and stinging sensation that extends from 12 hours to 72 hours after the peeling process, and after five to seven days, it will start to dry and exfoliate the skin, which causes more itching and redness, and the layers of the layers of The skin becomes more elegant, which requires the sunscreen continuously to prevent sunburn infection. [1].Multiple side effectsLaser peeling can cause many side effects such as: laser heat burns and injuries, because it causes the activity of some skin diseases such as: skin duct disease, the appearance of ulcers and pimples around the mouth, and it can cause bacterial bacterial Infection and the appearance of white bumps,[1 1 infection is viral, bacterial or innate, while the most common infection in this case is the herpes virus that causes the appearance of the common cold. [2]The app

2 Feeling itching and sting

earance of acneThe application of thick creams and dressings on the skin causes acne infection. [2]Changes in skin colorLaser peeling can cause hyperpigmentation in the skin, and it can occur in both light and dark areas of the skin, especially for dark people, which requires the use of bleaching factors to reduce hyperpigmentation and avoid incendiary sunlight as possible. [2]White protrusions appearLaser peeling may cause small white protrusions in the areas peeled off by the laser. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 multiple side effects

4 The appearance of acne

Laser peeling damage

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