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Lengthening – ” Contents1 medical prescriptions2 home recipes3 nail care products4 referencesmedical descriptionCertain medical methods can be used to maintain and strengthen nail health, including the following:Take a biotin supplement: several studies have shown that the biotin supplement, which comes from the group of vitamin B, strives to increase the thickness of the nails and prevents it from breaking, as a German study indicated the improvement of nail health in 91% of the cases studied, when they eat about 2.5 milligrams of biotin per day over the course of several months, and nail products containing silicon and MSM supplement are important for the health of nails. [1]Use of moisturizers: leather doctors recommend massaging the hands with petroleum jelly, vitamin E oil or skin cream at night, and these moisturizers can also be used to moisturize the nails, because they contain urea, urea, phospholipids, acid and acid . Lactic acid, as all of these ingredients help protect the nails from cracking. [2]Household recipesSome household recipes can be used to accelerate nail growth, including the following: [3]Eggshell: Eggshell can be used to increase nail growth, as it contains high levels

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of calcium, iron, protein and minerals, as these ingredients help to strengthen and protect the nails, and eggshell is used by grinding it, And it is possible to grind almonds or flaxseed, after which a teaspoon of this mixture is added to a cup of hot milk daily, and this treatment can be tried for a month to notice that improves the health and strength of the nails .Essential oils: it is recommended to massage the nails with essential oils that help in the growth of the nails and protect them from damage that chemical cleaners can be caused, and of these oils: tea oil and mint oil, where they have anti – bacterial and fungal properties, which help protect the nails from infections and keep them shiny, the nails are massaged with oil at night, and the result is observed in several days.ManicureSome tips can be followed for nail care, including the following: [4]Keeping the nails clean, in order to avoid the growth of bacteria underneath, so it is recommended to periodically cut the nails.Use of nail tonic.Avoid biting the nails or the surrounding skin of the skin appendages. [5]See a doctor when there are nail problems. [5]Wear gloves when washing dishes to protect nails from hars

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