Lightening the skin in natural ways

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Lightening the skin in natural ways – “Contents1 skin brightening2 tips for clear and fresh skin3 natural recipes to lighten the skin4 referencesSkin whiteningMany women suffer from the change in skin tone, tanning or the appearance of spots, due to many factors that affect the skin, such as: exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation, pollution, inappropriate diet and the use of cosmetics that contain a high percentage of chemicals, there are many prescriptions and natural methods that are used to lighten the skin, where we will talk in this article about many tips and natural recipes to get a light and fresh skin. [1] [2]Tips for light and fresh skinFollow these tips for light skin: [3]Wash and peel the skin constantly: in order to keep your skin clean and pure, wash it twice a day once in the morning and once before going to bed, and it is necessary to continue to exfoliate the skin gently several times a week, to remove the dead skin cells that cause dry skin and change color.Stop smoking: smoking prevents the blood flow properly to all parts of the body, including the skin, which makes it tend to gray and disappear, and it also causes wrinkles on the skin.Make sure to drink water: the individual should drink at lea

2 tips for light and fresh skin

st 6 to 8 cups of water a day; because this helps to hydrate the skin, increasing its radiance and freshness.Make sure to use sunscreen: by placing it constantly and before exposure to the sun; To protect it from pigmentation and redness.Natural recipes to lighten the skinThere are many recipes that help to lighten the skin, including:AppleApple is one of the best natural recipes to lighten the skin, as it contains alpha hydroxy acids that improve and open the skin. [2]ingredients:Exfoliated and sliced.Liquid milk.One teaspoon of lemon.Method:Soak apple slices in milk for 20 minutes.Blend the apples with milk in the blender until you get a firm mixture and put it in the refrigerator for 5 to 10 minutes.Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the mixture and mix well.Put this mixture on the skin and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it with cold water.Run a piece of ice over the skin to become soft and cooler.Note: This process should be repeated once a week to get a white skin.tomatoesTomatoes are among the rich sources of vitamin C, which greatly contributes to brightening the skin color, as there are many recipes that can be applied using tomatoes, including the following: [2]Tomatoes

3 Natural recipes to lighten the skin

and milk:ingredients:Two tablespoons of natural tomato juice.Four tablespoons of yogurt.Method:Mix the above ingredients well.Shred a piece of cotton in this mixture and place it on the skin for 30 minutes or more, then wash off the cold water.Note: This recipe is suitable for people with dark skin due to sunburn.Tomato and lemonIngredients:1 tablespoon of natural tomato juice.A few drops of lemon juice.Method:Mix the previous ingredients and reduce the mixture with a little water; To avoid irritation and redness of the skin.Put the mixture on the skin for 17-20 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.Tomatoes and avocado:Ingredients:One tomato seed.One avocado pill.Method:Peel the tomatoes and avocado and extract the pulp from both fruits.Put the mixture in the blender.Apply the mixture on the skin for 30-45 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.Banana and almond oilBanana and almond oil is one of the most effective home remedies for skin whitening and cheapest, because bananas contain many vitamins that help to produce collagen in the skin, and almond oil contains vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E, which acts as antioxidants and skin infections, it is also the best moistur

izer for the skin and to get rid of dark circles. [2]ingredients:One banana pill.One tablespoon of almond oil.Method:Mash the banana well until you have a paste.Add the almond oil to the mixture and mix well.Apply the mask to the skin and leave it on for 20-25 minutes, then wash it off with water.Note: This process can be repeated daily to get the white skin.MilkMilk contains calcium that restores the natural color of the skin, and it also contains lactic acid, which also helps to reduce skin pigmentation. [2]Ingredients: one cup of milk.Method:Heat one cup of milk over medium heat.The milk is placed on the skin with a cotton ball or towel.Gently massage the skin for a period of 3 to 5 minutes, then you explain to cold water.Note: You must repeat this process daily for two weeks to get a white and fresh skin.RiceRice contains many vitamins and acids needed to keep the skin moist and fresh, such as vitamin C, ferlacic acid. [2]ingredients:Half a cup to a cup of uncooked rice.A small amount of milk.Method:Grind the rice until you get a powder.Mix this powder with enough milk to form a paste.Put this paste on the skin and leave it for 25-30 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.No

te: you can repeat this process two or three times a week.Papaya and honeyPapaya fruit contains many vitamins that help regenerate and moisturize skin cells. [2]ingredients:Papaya fruit.A little honey.Method:Mash the papaya to make a thick paste.Add the honey to the papaya paste and mix well.Put the mixture on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes, wash it with water.PotatoesPotatoes are used as one of the best natural remedies to lighten the skin, remove spots and get rid of dark circles. [2]Ingredients: One potato pill.Method:Peel off the potato and cut it into several pieces.Gently rub a piece of potato on the dark skin and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it off.Note: you need to repeat this process twice a week to get a pure white skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Lightening the skin in natural ways

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