Maintaining hands

1 How to take care of the hands

Maintaining hands – ” Contents1 How to take care of the hands2 moisturizing hands3 Smooth hands4 natural recipes to maintain hands5 referencesHow to take care of the handsTo preserve the hands and take care of them, there are basic steps that must be followed, including the following: [1]Keep hands clean: wash hands with warm water and with soaps that contains moisturizing ingredients to avoid dry hands.Cleaning the nails: The nails are cleaned with a special brush, and when using the brush, it should be perpendicular to the nails and rubbed along the nail.cut the nails.Eparling by hand: the hands are peeled with natural or industrial pests, then the hands are washed and moisturized, so this method is used once a week.HydrationThere are many ways to keep hands moist, including the following: [1]Use a moisturizer: the cream should contain moisturizing ingredients, such as: shea butter, glycerein and natural oils.Nails moisturizers: using vitamin E oil on the nails and on the skin around the nails.Hands: a more intense cream should be used than an ordinary moisturizer.Using a hand mask per week: Sometimes, daily moisturizing may not give the hand moisture, the hand mask should be used every week, and it

2 moisturizing hands

can be obtained from drugstores or cosmetic stores.Smooth handsThere are many ways to get two smooth hands, including the following: [2]Wash hands with warm water and antiseptic soap that helps get rid of germs and bacteria.Green hands with petroleum jelly: Wash hands with warm water, then teach petroleum jelly before going to bed every night.Use a special hand cream.Wear cotton gloves.Natural recipes to maintain the handsThere are many recipes to keep hands beautiful, including the following:Lemon and sugar recipeLemon and sugar are used to smooth the hands and the method is:[3]ingredients:One tablespoon of lemon juice.One teaspoon of sugar.One teaspoon of to prepare:The above ingredients are mixed together.Rub the hands with the mixture for about a minute.The hands are washed, then a moisturizer is placed.Recipe of oats and honeyOats and honey are used to get soft hands, and the method:[3]ingredients:1 tablespoon of white oats.1 tablespoon of honey.Half a tablespoon of milk.Half a cup of to prepare:Mix the oats with water to make a smooth mixture.Mix all the previous ingredients with oats until it becomes a paste.The paste is placed on the hands for 10 to 15

3 Smoothing hands

minutes.Hands are washed and then moisturized with a special moisturizer.Note: This recipe is repeated twice a week for best results.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

4 Natural recipes to maintain hands

Maintaining hands

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