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1 cream for dry skin

Make a face cream – ” Contents1 cream for dry skin2 cream for oily skin3 anti-aging cream4 referencesDry skin creamTo make a dry skin cream, follow these steps: [1]Put a quarter cup of almond oil, with two tablespoons of coconut oil, with half a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, with two tablespoons of beeswax and a tablespoon of shea butter in a glass bowl.Make a water bath for the previous components; With a quantity of hot water, you are estimated to one hundred milliliters of water until all ingredients melt together, and they become liquid.Let the ingredients at room temperature to cool and harden into a soft creamy form.Keep the cream in a cool, dry place, as it can be stored for up to three months, and it should be noted that this cream is ideal for psoriasis, eczema, scarring and signs of premature aging.Cream for Oily SkinBelow is a natural cream for oily skin:[2]ingredients10 grams of sunflower oil.5 grams of hemp seed oil.5 grams of argan oil5 grams of shea butter.5 grams of rose seed oil.40 grams of distilled water.25 grams of rose water.5 grams of olive emulsion or other emulsion4 grams of natural preservatives.Mode of actionThe weight of distilled water and rose water, and heated on a double bo

2 cream for oily skin

iler or water bath.The weight of the oils and emulsion is also by a flour scale.Heat the oils and emulsion over low heat, until the emulsion and oils are mixed.Mix the hot oil with hot water with constant agitation until the ingredients are well intensified.Allow the mixture to cool before adding preservative oils and any base oils that may be added.Pour the cream into sterile bottles.Anti-aging creamTo prepare a household anti-aging cream, the following steps should be followed:[3]Heat 50 milliliters of water in a pan over low heat.Put a quantity of organic beeswax in a glass bowl, then put the bowl on the hot water in a water bath.Move the beeswax around from time to time until it dissolves completely.Put the rose water in a glass cup, then put it also on the water bath until it warms up a little.The shea butter is added to the beeswax, then moved continuously until it melts into the beeswax.Add wheat germ oil and sweet almond oil into the beeswax mixture.Whip ingredients in a hand blender or stick blender until ingredients are fully combined.Add warm rose water and warm honey to beeswax mixture while mixing.Remove mixture from water bath and stir with a spoon until completely co

3 cream anti -aging cream

ol.Add 8 to 10 drops of essential oils as desired to the generous, such as carrot seed oil, rose oil, lavender or sandalwood oil.Pour the anti-aging face cream into small sterile glass containers.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Make a face cream

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