Make a hand cream at home

1 dry skin

Make a hand cream at home – “Contents1 dry skin2 Make a hand cream at homeDry skinThe skin suffers from dehydration, especially in winter, and it can be preserved and prevented from drying, by drinking enough water, doing exercise that increases blood flow to the hands, moisturizing them using natural oils or using moisturizing creams, and it is possible to make many moisturizing creams using natural materials at home instead of buying them ready on the market, and in this article we will present you ways to make different natural creams.Make a hand cream at homeOats and strawberry creamAnd this is by soaking half a cup of oats in water, leaving it soaked for five minutes, adding five grains of strawberries, moving them with a fork and lowering until it is broken, add two teaspoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of honey, mix them well and put the hands with the mixture and massage them, leave them in the mixture for fifteen minutes, and then rinse with warm water.Aloe veraAnd it is by increasing the price of a cup of cocoa butter on the fire in a water bath, adding two teaspoons of aloe vera extract, two teaspoons of almond oil and a quarter of a cup of coconut oil, and ten points of any other point The ess

2 Make a hand cream at home

ential oil, such as rose oil, mix well, then put the mixture in a tightly closed bowl and use it when needed.Creamy vanilla extractAnd this is by pouring a quarter cup of coconut oil, adding a quarter cup of petroleum jelly, and several points of liquid vanilla extract, and the content of four capsules of vitamin E oil, then put the mixture in a hot water bath, leave it until it melts, then keep it in a glass jar and use it when needed.Lanulin creamAnd this is by placing a quarter cup of aloe vera gel, and a quarter cup of lanolin and half a cup of olive oil, in addition to a few points of lemon oil, mix well using the blender, then Keep the mixture in a bowl until use.Cream of almond oil and coconut oilAnd it is by raising a quarter cup of olive oil on the fire, adding a quarter cup of almond oil, coconut oil, grape oil and half a cup of wax, leave it until it is heated and dissolved, put the mixture in the blender , add a quarter tablespoon of vitamin E oil, ten points of any essential oil, add half a cup of water, mix well until it becomes consistent, with a creamy consistency, and keep it in a tightly closed box and say in the refrigerator until use.Was the article useful?

Make a hand cream at home

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