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1 liquid soap

Manufacture of liquid soap – “Contents1 liquid soap1.1 Making liquid hand soap1.2 Liquid soap in glycerin1.3 Liquid hand soap with honey1.4 Liquid hand soap with the smell of peppermint oilLiquid soapLiquid soap is one of the types of soap used to get rid of dirt, germs and germs, because it is prepared from many natural or industrial materials, or a mixture of both, and some want to make soap at home, so it is Soft on the skin, which is an aromatic and distinctive smell, and in this, the article will show you several ways to prepare liquid soap at home.Making liquid soapIngredients:A piece of solid soap.Seven hundred and fifty to prepare:Cut the solid soap into small pieces, or brush it and place it in a large bowl.Put the water in another bowl on the stove and let it heat up.Put the hot water in a glass bowl, then add the grated soap to it, then fold the bottle tightly or stir constantly until the soap pieces melt.Place the bottle in the refrigerator for seven hours, stirring the ingredients every two hours until you get a creamy consistency.Put the mixture in a designated soap box with a spray can until it is easy to use.Liquid soapingredients:One scented soap.Two tablespoons of glycerin.Ten

1.1 Manufacture of liquid soap for hands

cups of sterile to prepare:Put the grated soap in a bowl of water, then add the water to the soap.Add the glycerin to the grated soap.Put the bowl on the heat and let the mixture sit until the soap dissolves, while continuing to stir to make sure it’s not chunky.Put the mixture in a designated soap box, then use it as needed.Liquid wash with honeyingredients:Half a tablespoon of jojoba oil.One cup of sugar.Half a tablespoon of baking soda.1 tablespoon of olive oil.1 tablespoon of honey.Points of any aromatic oil.How to prepare:Put the sugar in a bowl, then add the olive oil and mix the ingredients well.Add the soda, then stir the ingredients well.Add the honey to the mixture, then stir the ingredients well.Add the jojoba oil and essential oil, then mix the ingredients and put them in a glass bowl for use.Liquid hand soap with the scent of peppermint oilingredients:Odorless soap model.Two cups of filtered water.Aromatic oil with the scent of to prepare:Sprinkle the soap, put it in a bowl, then add the water and put the bowl on the gas.Stir in the soap to make sure it is completely melted, then remove from the gas and leave it until it cools.Let the mixture

1.2 Liquid soap in glycerin

sit for a full day, then add peppermint oil to it and stir well until mixed into the mixture.Pour the soap into an appropriate box and use it.Was the item useful?

1.3 Liquid liquid for hands with honey

Manufacture of liquid soap

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