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Mask dries grains – ” Contents1 lemon2 tea tree oil3 mint oil4 referencesLemonLemon is a clutch medicine that dries pimples from the skin, and lemon has a high percentage of vitamin C, which works to clean the skin, to get clear skin, through the following: [1]ingredients:One teaspoon of lemon juice.One tablespoon of cinnamon to prepare:Mix lemon juice well with cinnamon powder, to make a soft paste.Put on the cereal areas.Leave the paste on the skin overnight.Wash the skin with lukewarm water, the next morning.Repeat constantly.Tea tree oilTea tree oil helps to get rid of infections resulting from the appearance of acne and pimples, and tea tree oil is an effective antiseptic for the skin, which works to prevent the closure of pores, but you have to make sure that it is suitable for the skin, Because it does not irritate it, by the following: [2]ingredients:Two drops to three drops of tea tree oil.One tablespoon of coconut oil.Clean to prepare:Mix the tea tree oil well with coconut oil.It is placed on the grain areas, using cotton.Leave the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes.Wash the skin with lukewarm water.The skin is moisturized with a moderate and appropriate moisturizer.Rep

2 tea tree oil

eat three times a day.Peppermint oilPeppermint oil contains antimicrobial properties, which work to clean the skin, prevent the appearance and spread of pills, and peppermint oil is a clutch medicine that calms the skin and prevents it, but you must be careful about its suitability for the skin, Thanks to the following: [3]ingredients:A few drops of mint oil.A teaspoon of vitamin to prepare:Peppermint oil is mixed with vitamin E oil, well.The oil mixture is placed on the skin of the grain.Let the skin dry for several hours.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 mint oil

Mask dries grains

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