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Massage method – ” Contents1 human body2 massage3 How to do a massage4 referencesThe human bodyDuring the day, the human body is exposed to a great number of pressures that accommodate the many loads; While doing a different work during the day, whether it is working through a prolonged session or through hard work; All this exhausts the body, and therefore it needs to rest in order to be able to restore its activity to do the required work. Perhaps one of the best methods that give body comfort is the massage, so that it is one of the easiest ways to be applied at home without needing to resort to some of the centers dedicated to this. [1]massageThis is a process of body massage with specific movements and directions, and some substances such as natural oils are used in the massage that are used as natural oils that relax the nerves, remove the coffers and soften the joints. There is no specific time to perform the process of massage; For it can be applied in the morning before starting any activity or in the evening before bedtime, or even when you feel tired and your desire to calm your body and rest it, and it is best to use certain types of oils to do the Massage: [2]Olive oil: It is known tha

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t olive oil is the most used by humans because of the many benefits it contains; It is considered one of the best oils used in the process of massing the body, especially for the legs and neck, because of its ability to solve the problems related to the bone.Sesame oil: It is one of the best oils that soften the skin and increases its radiance, and gives it a flexibility that helps in the comfort of the body, and stimulates the body and increases its vitality.Coconut oil: Coconut oil is one of the oils that gives coolness to the body, so it is best to use it in summer when giving a massage.How to do a massageFollow these steps to do the correct massage: [3]Place: Before performing the process of massage, you must choose an appropriate place for it, and it is best to be inside the bathroom if it is wide and comfortable, or inside the room, and it is advisable to reduce the lighting and stay away from the discomfort to create the appropriate atmosphere of comfort.Oil: An appropriate amount of oil to be used should be provided by no more than 50 milligrams, and it is heated to the point that the skin can withstand, and it is preferable that the heating process takes place through a ho

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t water bath, by placing the oil in a glass container and place the bowl inside a bowl containing hot water.How to work: the person to be massaged and massage must remove his clothes and relax on the designated area, then men will put the oil inside the hand, then the body is massaged with hot oil according to the Movements needed for each limb, and this process is repeated until the person feels comfortable and relaxed, then leave the skin until the oil is completely absorbed, then a person can take a hot bath.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Massage method

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